Top 5 Best Places to Live And Work in The World

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Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work in The World in 2017. There are many factors to take into account when deciding if a certain place would be a good area in which to live and work. Some of these factors include the area’s economy, the form of government, job availability, insurance rates for houses and cars, and the quality of education. The majority of first world countries tend to be excellent places to live. The United States of America, Canada, France, England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland are all among the world’s first world countries. These countries have varying forms of government, economic systems, and job availability; However, they all have in common the fact that they are wonderful places in which to live and work.


List of Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work in The World 2017

1. Canada

Canada is home to many safe and secure communities. This makes it an excellent place to both work and raise a family. The crime rate of Canada is so incredibly low that in 2014 it was given a safety rating of 9.7 by the OECD Better Life Index. Canada spends a greater amount of money on public education than any other industrialized nation. Canada’s incredibly strong and stable economy affords a great deal of job opportunities for skilled workers. Bloomberg has ranked Canada as the second best place in the world for doing business in 2017. Canada also holds the honor of having the most stable banking system in the world.

CanadaTop Most Places to Live And Work 2017

2. Switzerland

The standard of living in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world. Switzerland also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Swiss food is some of the best in the world. Switzerland is he birth place of fondue. Workers in Switzerland typically enjoy rather high wages; however, there is a high cost of living to accompany those high wages. Switzerland is able to boast an exceptional maternity leave rate. New mothers are often given an entire fourteen weeks and sometimes more of paid maternity leave. This maternity leave comes with a minimum of eighty percent of the new mother’s wages. Swiss workers are also guaranteed an allotment of four to five weeks of vacation time from work. This vacation time is actually required by Swiss law.


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