These 'Weird Wedding Traditions' That Are Practised In India Will Leave You Baffled

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Indians have always followed superstitions quite blindly. They try not to get indulged in any such activities, which can bring failure or bad luck to their way. Many still believe that cutting nails and hair on Saturdays bring bad luck or a small spot of kajal can protect anyone from 'Buri Nazar'.

They are many silly superstitions which are believed and followed religiously. And those who don't believe in such irrational beliefs, are forced to believe in them and are even asked to follow them. Even the daily soaps on Indian Television display superstitions and promote the funda of 'tonas & totkas'.


So, today let's take a look at many such strange practices in our country. Below is a list of 'weird wedding rituals' which are practiced in India. I bet these superstitions involved, will leave you baffled. 

This is what happens to the girls in Himachal Pradesh.

Thisis what happens to the girls in Himachal Pradesh.

Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh is known for being one of the most beautiful places in India. But a ritual followed here is too unusual. You will be shocked to know that girls in Kinnaur are not allowed to marry a guy, rather if she wants to get into marital life, she has to marry each and every guy in groom's family. 

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Even frogs are made to tie the knot. 

Evenfrogs are made to tie the knot. 

Do you know there are a few places in India, where frogs are made to get married to appease Rain God Indra. Frogs are made to tie the knot with Vedic rites.

Guys of this place are forced to leave their family.

Guysof this place are forced to leave their family.

According to Indian traditions, girls leave their family post marriage and get into guy's family and even adopt the extended family's second name. But in Meghalaya, it is mandatory for every man to leave their parents after the wedding and is asked to stay with bride's family.

Girls of this area are made to marry dogs. 

Girlsof this area are made to marry dogs. 

Yes, you read that right. People in Jharkhand still believe in ghosts and supernatural powers. And to safeguard young girls here, they are ordered to marry dogs. Because they firmly believe that this ritual can help girls ward off the evil powers around.

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