These 8 Pictures Will Show The Real Difference Between South Korea And North Korea

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Korea is a pretty distinctive country by all means. Their rules, their cultures, their tradition isn’t something which is easily understood by people all over the world. North Korea and South Korea, both are the parts of the Korean peninsula. Both of the countries are similar in many ways yet so different. Their dissimilarities can be seen in a lot ways. So, today we have brought you some poignant pictures that point out the differences between the two countries.


Bus Stand


It is a pretty known fact that North Korea lags behind South Korea in terms of infrastructure and development.

While South Korea has the high-technology powered bus stands. However, the North Korean bus stands look old school. No doubt North Korea is far behind South Korea in the terms of development.

Classrooms in both the countries



Technology is overpowering the whole world we cant deny this. Nowadays, almost entire world is making use of technology in the classes. But for strange reasons, North Korea denies this such technology.

Moreover, the students do not have the access to Internet. On the contrary, South Korea is using all the technology to make the study pleasant and more effective.

Youth of these countries


Youth is the voice of any country we all understand this pretty well. It is them who shape the history of the nation.

We all know that the freedom of the North Korean youth is suppressed under the force of the dictator.

But, South Korean youths have got all the freedom to enjoy their life to the fullest.

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