How to Clean Your Car Interiors and Exteriors Like a Professional

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If you love your car, then you know for fact that cleaning the car is one of the best ways of caring for your car interiors and exteriors. However, there is a lot you must consider before washing your car. And because it takes more than just a soft cloth and a bucket of water, it is important for you understand the process of cleaning a car.


As the years come and go, more and more cars are being welcomed into the world. And as the number of cars goes up, the demand for car cleaning services also goes up. This post is meant to help you understand the entire car cleaning process so that you can maintain the value of your car and its appearance. So, keep reading…

There are various specialized car washing services that are meant to clean, polish, protect and preserve your car. Most professional companies that specialize in car cleaning use custom made products to ensure that they keep your car as clean without damaging its appearance. But because taking your car to a professional car wash can be quite costly, you can save some pennies by washing your car at home. That said, here is how to clean your car like a pro:

•    Gather the essential supplies and start with the cleaning process, working from the inside to the outside.

a)    For you to clean the interiors of your car, here are some of the necessary supplies that you must gather. Your choice of the best car vacuum cleaners, a glass cleaner, a trash bag or bin, carpet cleaner, paper towels, foam cleanser and clean rugs. Begin the interior cleaning process by removing the floor mats. Ensure that you shake off the dust, dirt and debris from the floor mats, then carefully vacuum them to ensure that you capture all the dust.

Put all the particles of dirt that you shake off in a trash bag or bin. Then, using the glass cleaner, remove all the dirt and grime that might have settled on your dashboard and windows. Vacuum your car interiors from top down, paying more attention to the car seats. Using a brush and a car carpet cleaner, clean the carpets as well.

When all this is done, use a clean soft towel or rug to wipe the areas dry.  

b)    As for the car exterior, gather 2 buckets, a soft sponge, rug or cloth, car cleanser and car wash. Fill the two buckets with water and add car cleanser to one bucket. Ensure that you follow the instructions on the car cleanser and do not attempt to use dishwashing liquid or detergent instead. If you do not have a car cleanser, just use pure water.

Clean the exteriors with a soft rug or sponge from top to bottom, and remember to clean the wheels as well. And when you are done, use a soft dry rug to wipe the car dry. Never let a car air dry as this might leave watermarks on your car body, something that is quite annoying.

•    Wax your car – Your car exteriors need to be protected and just as we humans go for sunscreen to protect our skin, cars need some protective cover which is waxing. That said, ensure that you wax your car after washing it. However, it is advised that you wax your car once every three months. So if you had it waxed last month, you don’t need to wax it for two more months.

On the other hand, if your car needs waxing, here is how you will do it…

Using a clean buffer pad, apply your car wax. With the buffer pad, spread the wax evenly on your car. However, do not over do it because for good results, the wax should not cake your car body but just lightly cover the surface. Then according to the time removal indicated on your wax bottle, remove your wax using a microfiber piece of cloth for that high gloss look and feel.

There you have it! Some simple do-it-yourself car cleaning tips for you. It is now easier and faster to clean your own car at home. But if you do not have the time to do it, you can always hire a professional to clean the car for you. There are numerous companies that focus on car cleaning and maintenance services. All you need to do is find one that suits your needs, one that fits your budget and one that you can trust with your car.

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