Distinctive Advantages Of FamiSafe Screen Time Control

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It is time for you to get insights about advantages of the FamiSafe screen time control feature if you want your child to concentrate more on studies and outdoor activities but clueless somehow.


The FamiSafe screen time control allows you, as a parent, to block access to all third party applications such as social media and games with just a single click. The best thing is that you can easily and quickly set up screen time limit on hourly basis. Moreover, you can even report how long the device of your child has been in use. This screen time control feature is compatible with all major android phones and tablets; Android 4.4 and above and iPhone/iPod/iPad; iOS 9.x, 10.x and above.

For this, it is suggested that you first have a word with your child so that he or she gets aware of the advantages of using the FamiSafe parental control services. Thereafter, you can install the FamiSafe app on yours and your child's device. You will now be required to register a membership account with FamiSafe within the app using your device by signing in as “Parent” and you can then proceed to signing into the FamiSafe account on the device of your child with identity “Kid”. Thereafter, you can just activate the FamiSafe services on the device of your child. It is important to note here that you may be required to allow different permissions during the installation process for smooth and proper functioning of this app if your child is using an android phone or tablet.

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You may be asked to allow required permissions and install a mobile device management file if your child is using an iPhone. Lastly, you can just sign on your own phone using the same account and the device of your child will be automatically connected by FamiSafe. You can now control things such as setting up of screen time limit on the device of your phone from your own cell phone.

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