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Donald Trump claims he's worth $10 billion. With that type of money, he can almost buy any item that his heart desires. From mega-mansions and skyscrapers to 24K gold toilets, he has proven that money can buy some pretty crazy items, even if they are not needed. Some of his purchases earn him a huge amount of annual revenue while other items are rooted in simple American greed.


Here are some of the most expensive items Donald Trump owns.

His Organization Is Worth $3.9B.

HisOrganization Is Worth $3.9B.

While not as tangible as a yacht, building, or super car, Trump's production company has amassed a ton of traction thanks to The Apprentice, Trump Model Management, and various other holdings. Trump has made billions from his talent shows, TV shows, and various other entertainment endeavors.

Avenue Of Americas Building Offers $409M In Assets.

AvenueOf Americas Building Offers $409M In Assets.

Donald Trump owns 30% of this massive building at 1290 Avenue of Americas in New York City. It is his biggest building holding and is filled with retail spaces and offices. The building has a value of $2.31 billion. The building is adjacent to Radio City Music Hall and it is believed to be his most prized possession.

Trump Tower In Manhattan Has Netted Him $371M.

TrumpTower In Manhattan Has Netted Him $371M.

Trump Tower is a 58-story skyscraper in Manhattan. The building features a ton of boutique shops and office spaces and apartments. The building has been home to Bruce Willis, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Michael Jackson, among other celebrities. On a fun side note, the building was the home of Wayne Enterprises in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises.

The Trump Building On Wall Street Provides Him With $345M.

TheTrump Building On Wall Street Provides Him With $345M.

Trump owns part of a building at 40 Wall Street, and his share is worth $345 million. This was a huge win for The Donald, having acquired the building in 1995 for just $10 million. The building is worth $501 million and was originally planned to become the largest building in the world.

Trump Owns 10 Golf Courses Worth $20

TrumpOwns 10 Golf Courses Worth $205M.

When you love to golf and you have billions of dollars at your disposal, you can buy your own courses. Trump is known around the world for his world-class golf courses which are valued at $205 million. His courses span from California to New York City and from Scotland to Ireland.

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