8 Brilliant Business Women: Running Billion Dollar Companies

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Playing dress-up is not just all women have been good at; they’re also good at playing boss, running Billion dollar empires and taking up leading roles that have shaped (and still are shaping) the very world we live in! So we present to you, a list of the Bold, the Beautiful and the Brilliant: some of the most inspirational Business Women you need to know about.


Anna Bissell:

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She became the first female CEO of her country in 1889 as her husband’s company  The Bissell Sweeper Company was passed on to her. She became so determined about the business that she took it to Europe and streamlined the assembly and production of their product which was a carpet cleaner. She even advocated employee pension plans and worker’s compensation!

FUN FACT: Her product was so effective, that even Queen Victoria was a fan!

Ursula Burns:

Image Source: Instagram/marquita_hallKatharine Graham:

After the death of her husband Phil, Graham took over, her family Company, The Washington Post in 1972. This made her America’s first female CEO of a fortune 500 company. While she was leading the Washington Post, it presented the most crucial coverage about the country’s Socio-political scene such as the Pentagon Papers.

FUN FACT: The paper, while lead by her, exposed the Watergate Scandal that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

A New Yorker and a mechanical engineer, she worked her way up for 28 years till she became the CEO of Xerox in 2009. This made her the first black female CEO of a fortune 500 company.

FUN FACT: She oversaw the company’s biggest and historic acquisition; buying out Affiliated Computer for $6.4 billion

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