7 of the worst things McDonald's employees have seen on the job

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"A small family was on their way out when their six-year-old son threw up right in front me," a former crew member from Virginia told Business Insider. "This child clearly did not chew one piece of food from his Happy Meal and swallowed everything whole."


The crew member said the family "just kept walking," and didn't bother to apologize, clean up the mess, or check to see if the child was okay. The child proceeded to vomit again in the parking lot. At that point, the crew member said the child's grandfather became "visibly angry."

"He stormed back into the restaurant, accused me of poisoning the boy, and told me to, 'Clean up that s---, it's disgusting,' as if it were my puke," the ex-crew member told Business Insider. "He also failed to inform me that his grandson had also thrown up in the play area. I got a very angry complaint from someone about that."

McDonald's and Coca-Cola are quite a pair.

McDonald's is actually the soda brand's biggest restaurant customer, according to The New York Times, and customers expect to be able to order a soda drink with their McDonald's meal.

So issues with a McDonald's soda machine are a big deal.

One McDonald's crew member of two years told Business Insider how their restaurant dealt with a broken soda dispenser.

"I had to drive to Walmart at 4:00 a.m. to buy 30 two-liter bottles of soda until we could fix the issue," the crew member said.

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