4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Removal Company

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Moving house in Bow is a pretty massive process. House removals in themselves are a seriously arduous process. But moving in Bow, the stresses and strains of the home removals process is likely to increase ten-fold. It really is a massive undertaking. That’s why the majority of people moving to Bow tend to seek out some expert help. That’s in the form of house moving companies. There are a number of companies you’d be able to call upon for assistance with removal services for your move to Bow. Actually, for a lot of people, sorting out a removals company to book with is a hassle in itself. Therefore, many people tend to approach it the wrong way and are then less then enamoured when they receive substandard moving services.

Knowing which removal company to choose for your removal to Bow can be tricky enough as it is. And then you’ve got to ask yourself, am I really going to go for a moving company or is a man with a van a better option for my move? A lot of people are also just incredibly anxious about hiring any extra help at all. The prospect of leaving your possessions in the care of people who are essentially strangers can be daunting for some.

Whatever your thoughts on moving companies or man and van services may be, chances are you’ll feel a whole lot better about things if you approach hiring such a company the right way. A lot of people decide upon hiring a company to help with their move, but then in their haste to get a booking sorted, make a load of mistakes. If you make mistakes, chances are you’re not going to be completely happy with the service. These are four common mistakes people make when hiring moving companies. Avoid these mistakes, and you increase the likelihood of you choosing a company and getting a service that you’re happy with.

  1. Don’t rush the process. People are super-keen to find a company and get that aspect of their move sorted. Sure, it is an important process of your plans of moving to Bow. But that’s why you need to spend time doing it. Rush through this process and just pick any old company at your peril. Certainly, don’t just pick the first company you come across. Look around for reviews and for the best deals. Take heed of the advice that you read out there. 


It’s a good idea to sort out the company you’re going with weeks, if not months before your planned moving day. That’s especially the case if you’re undergoing a rather large house removal. Leave it too late and you could be lumbered with any old company. That’s certainly not something you’d want to go through. 


  1. Create a shortlist and then call the companies up and ask plenty of questions. A lot of people don’t do this when vetting Bow moving companies. They take what’s said on their websites as gospel. That’s a mistake. These companies want to sell you their services. Of course, they’re going to over-exaggerate, write anything that’ll attract customers. The best way to figure out what’s really true is to call the companies up and have a chat with them. You can normally tell immediately whether or not the company is actually decent or if it’s just a cowboy company. Don’t be shy about scrutinizing and quizzing them on their services. It is you after all who’s about to spend your hard-earned cash on hiring their help. 


  1. Once you’ve detailed the move to the company and have received the price quote, see if there’s anything you could do to get the price of the service down cheaper. That’s a mistake a lot of people make; they don’t ask for discounts, don’t ask if there’s any way to reduce the cost of the service. Most people tend to take the quote as the final price that they’re going to pay. That’s certainly a mistake. Move at a certain time, during the middle of the day on a weekday as opposed to a weekend afternoon for example, and the move is likely to be cheaper. Make sure you ask the questions.


  1. A mistake that people tend to make is withholding information. The moving company needs to know about your move so that they can draw up a plan of action and ascertain how they can help you, what needs to be done. Tell them everything about your move. Don’t hold back.



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