15 Things New Moms Need To Know About A Newborn's Hygiene

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2 Girl: Clean Folds Carefully

When it comes to your baby girl’s lady bits, there are a endless folds and crevices where dirt, bacteria, and debris can build up and cause irritation. It can feel overwhelming and shocking as a first time mom to open an explosion diaper and find that the contents are in every fold possible. However, don’t panic and don’t worry as this happens to every baby girl to ever exist and they are just fine. Gently separate the folds with your fingers and clean between them with a warm, damp cloth. No need to use a bunch of soap or cleansers in the beginning as you want to simply get the gunk out of there first. Be gentle as your baby girl’s nether regions are very delicate and too much roughness can really disturb her fragile skin. You can go over the area with a fragrance free baby wipe or water wipe as well if you’d like and continue her diaper changing process. Cleaning between the folds requires patience, attention, and a delicate touch but is totally necessary.


1 Boy: Expect A Scab On Circumcised Boys


When you first bring home your baby boy, you can feel overwhelmed. While at the hospital, your nurses and visitors provided an immense amount of support and were there to answer any questions. However, once you are home with your little newborn baby boy, tasks as basic as changing his diaper can be epic. For your circumcised baby boy, he has gone through a surgical treatment. This means, like with most surgical treatments, your little baby’s genitals will have scabbing and bruising. It is a normal part of the healing process after the procedure and shouldn’t cause too much worry. You will notice that your baby’s private area may look purple and blue with bruises. You may even notice a wet like scab that is forming as well. Don’t pick the scab, of course, and allow it to heal. You can assist the process by using jelly like ointments created for babies.

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