15 Things New Moms Need To Know About A Newborn's Hygiene

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4 Boy: Cotton Balls For Your Circumcised Boy

Whether you are pro circumcision or against it, your baby boy’s genitals need to be cleaned and done so properly. The circumcision process is a form of surgery and just like any other surgical procedure, area needs to be taken care of properly. Your doctor will give you simple instructions on how to care for your baby boy’s circumcision but when he’s crying at 5 in the morning, those instructions can seem like a 5 page list that is hard to recall. If nothing else, remember to gently clean around the circumcision with a damp cotton ball or cotton round. This will cleanse away any debris, poop, or urine that is in your baby’s diaper. The wound will be clean and infection of the circumcision area will be lessened. Your baby might not like the cleaning process but it is essential and the discomfort won’t last for too long.


3 Separate Baby Items

It can be a tempting to use the household washcloths, soaps, and powders for the baby. Purchasing separate items for the baby can seem like an unnecessary cost. However, the baby needs to have her own set of hygiene materials. From washing cloths to nail files, the baby needs to have her own. For starters, a baby’s immune system is not nearly as advanced as an adults. This means that cross contamination between household materials that wouldn’t affect you or the rest of your household can definitely affect your baby. Next, on the surface, your baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and sensitive. The bacteria that can be left behind on shared items can give your baby a skin reaction like a rash or break out. Your baby needs her own soap, powders, as well as washing clothes and towels.

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