15 Things New Moms Need To Know About A Newborn's Hygiene

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6 Let The Baby Be Diaper-Free

When your little one is first born, their body has to take the time to adjust. As anyone can imagine, living inside a fluid filled womb for nine months can be a stark difference to the outside world. Your baby’s skin is used to being inside of the water and free of anything restricting like clothing and diapers. While diapers are totally necessary unless you want to clean up messes from your floor every 20 minutes, they can be a bit harsh on your baby’s fresh, soft skin. Allowing your baby to go diaper free can help your baby’s skin breathe and lower the likelihood of them getting a rash or irritation on their bottoms. Before you snatch off your little one’s diaper, you want to make sure that the room or home is the right temperature and that your baby is between feedings so they aren’t likely to go to the bathroom outside of their diaper.


5 Girl: Use Unscented Wipes And Soaps

Personally, the smell of baby products like wipes and soaps and lotions is intoxicating. I absolutely love the way a baby smells after being bathed and lathered up in lotion, powder, and diaper cream. Something about it just screams I’m a new human. However, when it comes to baby girl’s diaper region, those soft smelling wipes and lovely scented soaps should not be used. Just like adult women, the lady parts of your little newborn baby girl are delicate and highly sensitive to artificial scents. Most gynecologists suggest that adult women skip the scented cleansers marketed towards women as they can throw off the natural pH that our bodies create and screw up the good bacteria that we need. Keep that same idea in mind with your baby girl. Don’t use irritation causing scented wipes or soaps to clean down there. But, you can use all the amazing smelling baby lotion that you want.

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