15 Things New Moms Need To Know About A Newborn's Hygiene

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9 Girl: Gently Pat Dry The Lady Parts


Unlike baby boys, your baby girl has a bit more complicated diaper area. As an adult woman, we already know how important it is to keep our lady parts dry and clear of extra water or moisture. As an adult, the excess water can lead to yeast infections and irritation and total discomfort. Your baby girl is born with the same parts which means keeping them dry are important. Once the baby is ready for a diaper change, clean her from front to back. After she is properly cleaned, pat dry her diaper area gently. Unlike boys, moisture being trapped in your baby girl’s diaper can cause irritation, infections, and other preventable issues. It is essential to keep the area dry after each cleanings. After your little one is bathed, you should also make sure you are gently patting dry her diaper area before applying diaper cream or ointment.

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