15 Things New Moms Need To Know About A Newborn's Hygiene

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When I found out that I was having a baby boy, I was thrilled. I’d always imagine myself having a baby boy and it actually happened. With that being said, the day that I left the hospital, I was terrified of the responsibility that was on me to take care of this little tiny life. From when to nurse him to how to put him to sleep, it seemed like there were so many rules and regulations to being a first time mom. Even though I had the support of my spouse, it was still a nerve wrecking experience.


Like many new or even experience moms, taking care of a baby’s hygiene can be an exhausting and overpowering experience. For me, taking care of my brand new baby boy meant cleaning and caring for body parts I had no idea how to clean or care for. It took patience and a few calls to my son’s doctor to get the hang of it but I did. For moms of baby girls, the process can still take getting used to as the little ones are so tiny and they private areas are incredibly delicate.

Follow these simply hygiene tips for baby boys and girls to keep them clean and happy.

15 Gently Clean Around The Umbilical Cord Site

After your baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut by your spouse, your person of support during labor, or by the nurses or doctors. Either way, your little one will go home with a clamped off, small nub of umbilical cord still attached. After a short couple of weeks, the cord will dry up and fall off leaving your baby with the belly button that looks more familiar. However, during the time that the nub is still attached, it is important to keep the area clean but not to fuss with it, causing it to fall off prematurely. Use a damp cloth, without soap, to cleanse around the area. Allow the area to dry before covering it again with clothing. When putting on your little one’s diaper, strap the diaper below the umbilical cord, not covering it or on top of it. This will slow down the drying process making it difficult for the piece to dry up and fall off.

14 Clean Diaper Explosions Before Bathing

If you are a mom already, you know that diaper explosions are a part of the job description. Since your baby is on a diet of milk, whether it’s formula or breast milk, her diaper contents will be a kin to liquid. She can go from snuggled up happily in a swing or boppy pillow in a clean diaper to covered up to her back with what should be contained in her diaper. It’s the nature of being a baby. After you strip your baby of the poo clothes, it makes sense to dip them in a bath to quickly clean them up without wasting 100 wipes. However, before you run the bath water and get ready to wash her up, wipe the diaper contents off of her as much as possible. Bathing in water that is full of what was in the diaper is counterproductive and may require a re-bathing to actually get clean.

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