10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President TRUMP'S Vehicle

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  • 2002

Famous and rich people from around the globe have been known to possess some of the most expensive and unique cars. But, the car we will examine, tops them all. Donald Trump is the current President of United States of America and his car is unlike any other on the streets. The car is called “The Beast” because of the size and built-in features.


Here are 10 unbelievable features of his car which will blow your mind away.

There are 12 similar cars

The car is manufactured by General Motors. They made 12 such cars which are used for the president. In case of traveling from one city to another, a similar car awaits at his destination. Some cars are used at the same time as decoys or to transport VIP guests. Due to its size and heavy weight, the car possesses a diesel engine.

Body of the Beast

The designers followed the design of the Cadillac but with a bigger frame. The body of the Beast is that of a military-grade armor. It possesses a body which comprises of 5-inch think plating of stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and aluminum. This makes the car completely bulletproof.

Bulletproof Windows

Except for the driver’s side, which can be opened only three inches, all the windows of the car are completely sealed. The glass used in the windows is strong enough to bear an explosion and armor-piercing bullets. The window comprises of glass and 5 layers of polycarbonate which makes it completely safe from the outside attacks. Furthermore, the windshield can stand 44 magnum or armor-piercing bullets.

Extra thick doors

The doors of the Beast are similar to the doors of a Boeing 747, 8 inches dense. The thickness and density of the doors keep the passengers completely safe from any chemical and biological attack. The doors are sealed in such a way that nothing can penetrate.

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