10 Design Features Of Ordinary Items That Have Surprising Purposes

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10 Design Features Of Ordinary Items That Have Surprising Purposes

There are many things we use every day that hide super-helpful and surprising purposes right in plain sight.


For instance, I’ve always gotten so frustrated with my oven for never being quite right about the temperature setting. Every recipe I would try would end up taking so much longer than the instructions described, but the secret behind the knobs in #10 totally cleared things up and made my life so much easier. I just can’t believe I never knew what those screws were actually for!

Now I know that’s just one of the many things I’ve been oblivious about when it comes to the things most of us use on a daily basis. Take a look to see more amazing and surprising purposes for common things that we tend to overlook.

1. Tiny Holes On Padlocks

The holes allow water to drain when used outdoors and provide space for you to pour oil into the gears when the lock gets stuck.

2. Holes In Pasta Ladles

Surprisingly, this hole is designed to help you measure the amount of noodles needed for one serving.

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