You Can Lose Weight for About 5 Kilos in Just 7 Days Using This Natural Home Remedy!

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Cabbage has the ability to burn calories very fast and very efficiently. The plant is high in minerals and vitamins, and does not contain lots of calories. If you want to get rid of the excess kilos, you should try this recipe. It has to be consumed along with other ingredients every single day for a period of 1 week.



  • Cayenne pepper;

  • Curry powder;

  • ½ head of chopped cabbage;

  • Salt;

  • Pepper;

  • Chopped celery (1 bunch);

  • 6 onions (chopped);

  • 250 gr of sliced mushrooms;

  • Mixed herbs (optional);

  • 1 package of dry onion soup;

  • 1-2 cubes of bouillon;

  • 1 sliced green peppers;

  • 2 cans of tomatoes;

  • 3 sliced carrots.

How to prepare it:

take the onions, chop and sauté them in a pot with vegetable oil. Then, add the peppers and heat it for one minute. Sprinkle a little curry or cayenne pepper, and then add the mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and celery. Add 12 cups of water and some bouillon cubes, and cook on medium heat until the vegetables become tender.

The one week diet plan

  • 1st day – consume the soup in unlimited dosage along with some fruits, except for bananas. Water and freshly squeezed juices are the only allowed beverages.
  • 2nd day – consume the soup with some vegetables. For dinner you may have butter with potato, but do not consume fruits.
  • 3rd day – eat vegetables and fruits, except for bananas and potatoes. Moreover, take the soup in unlimited amounts.
  • 4th day – eat the soup as much as you want, and you may also consume bananas and some skimmed milk.
  • 5th day – drink 6-8 glasses of water in order to flush the excess uric acid from your body. Also, take 6 tomatoes and 560 gr of beef.
  • 6th day – take as much cabbage soup as you want and consume some vegetables.
  • 7th day – consume the cabbage soup as much as you want and also drink water, and eat brown rice and vegetables.

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