Woman Surprises Netizens with Impressive Weight-Loss Comparison Photos with Husband

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Many of us do feel content with the bodies we have, making excuses about loving food too much to even think about going on a diet or doing some exercise. While that might be alright for many cases, there are also many times when too much fondness for food can lead to obesity and a host of other health problems.

Still, it’s hard to find the right motivation to lose weight, especially if your partner does not feel like shedding off some pounds either.


But one couple proved that being each other’s weight-loss partner, cheerleader, and motivator has a lot of perks.

Meet Lexi Reed, a 26-year-old woman from Terre Haute, Indiana, who recently became viral after posting impressive weight-loss comparison photos with her husband, Danny.

It’s hard to believe that just 2 years ago, Lexi weighed a whopping 485 lbs (220 kg) while Danny weighed 280 lbs (127 kg). They loved each other the way they were and would have probably remained in love even if they continued on putting on the pounds.

Their lives changed after making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. They mutually agreed on losing weight and being each other’s partner in their weight loss journey. They did not hire a trainer or go on a strict diet but as they began to lose weight, they found the motivation to continue with what they were doing.


#facetofacefriday Lost 303lbs but never lost my smile. Happiness doesn't have to depend on your size but living a life you're in love with. Getting married at 485lbs was one of the best days of my life. I married my bestfriend and my wedding is a day I have no regrets about the size I was. I felt beautiful then - but I feel beautiful & healthy now. Love yourself enough to live your best life. Love yourself enough to take care of your body. Don't wait for the New Year like I did - Start today! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #fattofit #obesetobeast #beastmode #transformation #transform #dietbet #wedding #bride #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #fatgirlfedup #fedupfam #fitspo #motivation #fitnesssmotivation #goals #progress #gym #diet #losingweight #fit #extremeweightloss

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Lexi would later write in an Instagram post:

We didn’t have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other and the motivation within to work hard every single day.

We wanted to be parents in the future and live a longer life together…

We may have lost the weight but we have grown closer together. Pound by pound, step by step, day by day – we have transformed our lives and molded our bodies into the people we’ve always wanted to be.

In just 12 months, both shed half of their body weight by cutting down on the calories they took and increasing their time at the gym.

After dropping an amazing 300 lbs (136 kg) off her formerly morbidly obese body, Lexi shared a new comparison photo with her husband. The photo on the left showed how they looked at the start of their weight-loss journey while the one on the right showed just how much they have changed since then.

Can you believe these photos are of the same couple? Incredible!


#motivationmonday -394lbs 👇 combined since we set a New Years Resolution 1/1/2016. We were fedup with spending or nights sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix and mindlessly eating. Our bestfriend challenged us to the first 30 days of no eating out, no cheat meals, no alcohol or soda, and working out for 30 minutes five times a week. We took the challenge, completed it 100%, and that first month of our journey our lives changed. We realized it wasn't a diet, but a lifestyle change. We focused on small changes and they added up to big results. We focused on each day instead of how far we had to go. Instead of eating out like we did daily we meal prepped, learned daily about nutrition labels/cooking, ans we also took the foods we loved and made healthy versions. This helped us not feel deprived and control temptations. We also fell in love with taking care of ourselves and our new life together. This journey helped bring us closer together and stronger than ever. Dont wait for the New Year to change like we did - start today! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fit #fitfam #fitness #dietbet #fattofit #gym #obesetobeast #fattofit #swolemate #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #fitnessmotivation #fitlove #fitcouple #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #health #diet #losingweight #extremeweightloss #transformation #weightlosstransformation #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #goals #motivation

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