The Seafood From These Countries Is Filled With Antibiotics and Animal Feces

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Wild Fish vs. Farmed Fish

Wild fish are less contaminated than the farmed-raised fish, but unfortunately, both types may cause serious health problems.

Here is a list of chemicals that have been detected in wild fish:

  1. PCB’s

  2. Mercury

  3. Dioxins

  4. DDT

  5. Chlordane

These chemicals may affect the function of all systems in your body, especially your kidneys and brain. The most dangerous chemical is Mercury, so if you have been exposed to its toxicity you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Walking difficulty

  • Tremors and shakes

  • Memory problems

  • Vision problems

  • Pregnancy complications

Fish near the top of the food chain, such as sharks and tuna, are more likely to contain chemicals than the other types of fish.

Contamination of farmed-raised fish

Farmed-raised fish are filled with antibiotics that prevent the spread of diseases. So, when we eat fish, we are actually ingesting these antibiotics.

These are the most common lethal viruses that attack the farmed fish:

  • • Salmon leukemia virus – affects the salmon’s immune system

  • • Piscine reovirus – causes heart attack and prevents fish from swimming upriver

  • • Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus – a highly lethal virus

Unfortunately, these viruses can be transmitted to wild fish as well.

The most popular fish in America are salmon, shrimp and tuna. Due to the mass-consumption and the lack of right knowledge, they can seriously damage our bodies.

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