Stop it Now, If You Are Making These Beauty Mistakes

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Stop it Now, If You Are Making These Beauty Mistakes

Sometimes, we just follow the beauty tips without knowing its effect on our health and end up making so many beauty mistakes.In this blog, you will get to know about common  beauty mistakes you may not know about :-

You Brush After Taking Coffee Or Fruit Juice

It's true that sugar in coffee and acid in fruit juice eat away your teeth’s outer shell called enamel.Don’t try to scrub them off right away. When you brush your teeth right after acidic or beverage drinks you will end up removing the layer of enamel. You must wait for at least 1 hour after rinsing it with water and then go for brushing.

You Swim With Dry Hair

Pool water contains chemicals, like chlorine which tends to turn your long blonde hair to green. Its recommended to wash your hair with tap water prior to swim water. It helps to soak less chemicals as compared to complete dry hair. Don’t forget to use after-swim shampoo right after swimming.


You Skip Water at Cocktail Hour

Red Wine is a teeth-stainer and white wine contains acid and tannins.They tend to damage your enamel and make teeth easier to stain.Alcohol also tend to dry out your mouth, which comparatively means there is more count of bacteria in your mouth.Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water every time you drink alcohol.

You Shampoo Too Much Or Too Little

Excess shampoo will take away the natural oils essential for your hair. Your locks will get dull and dry. But, it depends on your hair type also. If you have a straight hair then you should wash it for 2 to 3 days. Thicker or curly hair can be washed every 2 to 3 days.Consult your hairstylist for more details.On the other hand, less shampoo is not enough to clean your hair completely.

You Skip Conditioner

Either you don’t have time or you must be worrying about your hair weight descending downwards.Without conditioning,  your hair will become frizzy and unhealthy.

You Swab Out Your Ears

It may appear good to use cotton swab in removing build up debris from your ear. In doing so, you may end up pushing your eardrum more deeper and tiny bones as well. So, Ideally you shouldn't wash your earwax, it is like a protective layer to remove unwanted dirt from entering the ear.If you feel your ear is full or ringing, consult your doctor.

You Soap Up Your Sensitive Areas

The vulva and vagina are super-sensitive areas of your body.Keep away the harsh scented and antiseptic soaps away from it.Go for plain, unperfumed soap to gently wash around  the area regularly.

So, stop it now if you are making these beauty mistakes. Just follow the right advices carefully to maintain a good hygiene and personal health.

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