Incredible Birth Story Of Baby Weighing 13.5lb Born Naturally

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While doctors in one corner of the world were defining rules associated with larger babies and caesarean births, nature proved them all wrong at Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg. On 24th January 2017, baby Brian was born to Natasha Corrigan in a normal delivery sans epidurals.

What amazed the world was that at birth little Brian weighed 13.5 pounds.


The only thing that bothered the mother during her delivery was gas for which she took meds. She was in shock to find her chubby baby come out heavy and healthy. She had expected her baby boy to be 11 pounds at maximum after the previous deliveries of her two daughters, who weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 7 pounds, 12 ounces at birth. Brian weighed 9 pounds in a month before his birth.

The mom was herself shocked after a natural delivery of a big and adorable plump boy.

Most women are advised to opt for a c-section as the safest way of delivery in case of a big baby. However, with the birth of Brian through a normal delivery, one can’t stop wondering whether Natasha was a gifted mother with a special pelvic design to birth such a big baby or the women can possibly push out macro babies if they choose to birth naturally.

Natasha skipped complicated medical assistance of birthing and trusted herself and her ability to birth as a woman. She said that she stayed positive and didn’t take any epidurals, which could have eased her pain, but may have intervened in the natural process of birth by slowing it down and causing secondary complications.

Refusing to take the epidural, she had more control over body and could sense her baby moving down the birth canal, which wouldn’t likely be the case had she taken the drug.

Positive thinking and deep breathing helped her in birthing the baby, who is probably the heaviest one born in Victoria, Austrailia.

Many hospitals don’t promote different positions for birth. Lying on the back to give birth makes it convenient for them but not for the mother—this position of birth is practiced in most places.

Some positions like leaning on all fours, semi-sitting position, squatting position, lying on the side, kneeling position on the bed, and even birthing on the floor using support could help with natural birthing—basically, a position that is comfortable for the mother.

Natasha proved the strength and the ability of a mother are beyond bounds by accomplishing the task of birthing a big baby naturally. She posted the story of her baby’s birth on Facebook, which went viral. The proud mother exclaimed that she didn’t expect so much love for her big baby boy and her family.

Brian Liddle Jr. was born in the 40th week of his mother’s pregnancy after a seven-hour-long labor. The doctors and nurses were astonished at the arrival of the baby—it required an additional staff to pull him out. Brian was 57 centimeters in length and already beyond the standards of the usual baby weight and length. Nevertheless, he is a healthy and much happy munchkin of his proud parents.

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