How To Effectively Kill Every Cockroaches In Your House Without Using A Single Chemical

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Cockroaches are disgusting insects no one likes – once you see one in your house, you are determined to do whatever it takes to eliminate them. They are omnivores which is why they can be found anywhere in your home feeding on everything they find.


People usually resolve their cockroach problem with dangerous pesticides that can stay in your house longer than it takes to get rid of the pests, but you should know that there’s a simple non-toxic mixture which will do a great job. The only drawback of the method is that it takes 3-4 weeks to work, but it’s much safer for your home and family than using pesticides.

Here’s how to prepare it:


  • 30-50 gr. of Boric acid powder
  • Raw egg yolk
  • Latex gloves


Mix the egg yolk and boric acid powder, then put on the gloves and make small balls from the mixture. Leave them to dry for an hour and they’re ready for use.


Before starting with the process, you need to make sure there aren’t any food leftovers where the cockroaches reside, so clean your house well. It’s also important to make sure there isn’t any water left behind which can draw out the pests, so check your pipes for leakage and replace them if needed. Once that’s taken care of, you can start putting the boric acid balls in your house – place them in the areas frequented by the pests, and pay special attention to dark corners and crevices in the walls. Put some under your fridge as well and wait – you should see the first results in just a few days, and you will completely get rid of the pests in only 3-4 weeks!

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