How to Detoxify the Liver With Water and Lemon

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Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is as healthy a practice as it is appropriate. It allows us not only to be better hydrated but also, we help the body to regulate many of its functions and maintain an optimal state of health.

In our space, we often talk about how suitable it is to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon. It is a way to further enhance the virtues of water, helping us with one of the most medicinal fruits that nature has offered us.


Now … Did you know that lemon water acts as a potentiator of our liver health? Discover all the data in this article.


Drinking water with lemon just rising and fasting is a way to activate the digestive system, to start the liver and intestinal cleansing to purify our body of toxins.

What we can do, for example, is to follow this therapy for 7 days in a row, to rest for another week and see how we feel.

If you perceive that you are feeling lighter, that you stop holding so much fluid, that your digestions are better and that, for example, your abdomen does not swell in the middle of the afternoon, something good is happening in your body.

Now, why include the juice of a lemon in our glass of water, and not another fruit?

Lemon is a natural antiseptic very rich in vitamin C.

It is one of the best alkaline fruits that nature has given us.

It helps us to restore the body’s pH balance. A more alkaline organism can prevent many more diseases and has healthier tissues, protected and resistant to the attack of free radicals.

As you know, the organ responsible for filtering toxins present in the blood is the liver. If we offer a natural contribution of antioxidants and vitamin C, we will be protecting and optimizing its functions.

Lemons also allow us to do better digestion, so we can get better nutrients from food because the intestines are cleaner.

All this favors that these nutrients reach the bloodstream without toxins, without harmful elements that the liver is forced to purify.

When it comes to drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach, it is important first to know our needs and our particularities. That’s why we recommend you first to see how you feel. If you get heartburn or discomfort, stop taking it.

Now, a fact that we have clear is that it is a type of natural therapy well known. a home remedy that we have all taken some time when we have had discomfort.

Drinking water with lemon is very suitable in case you suffer from fatty liver. Here are the reasons:

The liver, as you know, is capable of regenerating itself only in case it is affected or damaged. A very common ailment is that it inflames, that its liver cells are filled with fat and that it can no longer perform its purifying functions.

Starting the day with this treatment will help you to purify fats, sugars and to deflate the liver, filling it with antioxidants and the always adequate vitamin C.

It will help you to have a more alkaline organism, ideal to promote your well-being and strengthen the immune system.


Both cirrhosis and hepatitis are associated with significant vitamin deficiency. Consuming water with lemon is a natural source of benefits worth bearing in mind in these situations.

Also, we can not ignore that it is citric, which has a very low glycemic index and is much healthier than other foods rich in simple carbohydrates.


The best thing is to prepare the juice of half a lemon. Make it organic. Once ready, mix it with a glass of warm water (200 ml).

Drink it fast as soon as you wake up, then wait 30 to 35 minutes before breakfast.

Follow this treatment for a week and rest the next, watching at all times how you feel.

You should not drink water with lemon if you suffer from gallstones. Lemon increases the production of bile in order to improve digestion but, in turn, this excess of bile can translate into an excessive drainage and increased risk of stone formation.

It is not advisable to abuse the lemon juice because too much can cause heartburn. So if you notice, for example, that adding half the juice of this fruit causes you some discomfort, a solution is to put a little less or dilute it with more water.

If you find the ideal amount that your body accepts, you can benefit from its virtues and take better care of your liver. Worth it!

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