Is the AI Engineering Professional Certificate from IBM useful?

Is the AI Engineering Professional Certificate from IBM useful? By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 26, 2021
AI Engineering Professional Certificate

AI Engineering Professional Certificate

Today, AI is currently one of the fastest-growing technologies in the current job market. The demand for AI professionals now outstrips existing skilled AI engineers. It anticipates AI to pervade personal lives by 2025, eliminating all job opportunities. At the same time, however, those with the right and appropriate skills will have new job opportunities to work.

Some tech giants spend almost $20 billion collectively on AI products and services every year, making AI prominence in their respective curricula. Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore will assist you in acquiring skills and preparing you for a promising artificial intelligence and machine learning career. 

What is AI engineering? Who is an AI engineer?

The term AI engineering refers simply to AI engineers who can use algorithms to conduct AI and machine learning tasks. As an AI engineer, you will be completely engaged in a whole range of processes that include data preparation. Once the individual completes data preparation and handling, they need to develop machine learning models to optimize existing algorithms.

Learning Artificial Intelligence is now available online with various courses and training. The best AI educators, researchers, and experts will teach the students. They often came at a much lower cost than a typical university course and had an equivalent university degree curriculum. Some of them are even free and easy to get an insight into the AI world.

Importance of IBM professional certificate

IBM professional certificates will be the way if you want to take an IT career. IBM offers a full range of products and services from AI to IoT, the international technology leader. The company is over a hundred years old; it has consistently been defined as one of the world's leading companies in technology and rivaling consumer-oriented giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Everyone can learn how to use the widely used products of IBM with courses and IBM certification.

IBM certificates are distributed across a range of technical verticals. These include IBM's leading IBM AI platform, IBM Watson, a blockchain, cloud, data sciences, IT security, systems, financing solutions.

Every module usually consists of self-pacing, web-based courses with a practical learning approach. You receive an IBM certificate by taking courses and passing an exam successfully, along with testing your knowledge and expertise.

So we can better understand what IBM training is like, let's examine the AI learning path:

Why AI Engineering Professional Certificate from IBM?

If you want to become AI proficient, IBM has several course paths, including the IBM Applied AI Professional program and the IBM AI Engineering Professional program.

Learning tracks of these programs vary considerably. The Applied AI Professional program covers human illustration with robots and light bulbs on both sides to illustrate the basics of artificial intelligence, deep learning, Machine Learning, and practical testing in building deep learning models with several libraries. The AI Engineering Professional program shows how AI models and applications can be developed and interacted.

Other programs, such as the IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data and the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog, will introduce you to IBM's AI tools. These courses help you to understand how you can use AI tools skillfully to solve problems in the real world.

Many advantages of AI are now opening the doors for a broad range of career opportunities. The roadmap to a certificate is similar to other learning paths. To get your certificate, you enroll free and complete the examination.

How to compare AI IBM Certificate programs with alternatives?

In its courses, IBM takes an efficient approach. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon are also convenient. Still, they tend to provide modules that lock students to solutions immediately. In contrast, IBM usually enables its students to know the basics of the field before being introduced to their products.

Take the AI Engineering Certificate learning track, for example. Google is launching its version with a course in Google Azure, while IBM is starting with a Python introduction. In addition, the IBM program will also help you get started as a data scientist with different tools.

An IBM certificate will be helpful if you want to pursue a career in AI. IBM is the world's biggest supplier of Big Data products and uses its solutions in a large segment of the business sector (your potential employers).

Demand and job prospects for AI in 2020

2020 is an open book to all AI professionals.

  • By 2025, a research company, namely Markets & Markets, forecast that the AI market will become USD 190 billion industry
  • IDC reports that global AI systems expenditure is expected to reach $57.6 billion by 2021
  • IDC predicts that by 2021, 75% of business enterprise apps are going to use AI.
  • Gartner said that this year, AI is expected to create 2.4 million jobs.
  • By 2021, the AI augmentation will accelerate the value of a business to nearly USD 2.9 billion and recover an employee's productivity by 6.2 billion hours, according to the Gartner report.
  • According to Gartner's prediction, almost 30 percent of the B2B companies in 2020 will employ AI to speed up at least one sales process.
  • According to the report of Demandbase, a leader in account-driven marketing, AI will revolutionize the marketing industry by 2020 with 80 percent of B2B marketing management.

Final words

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the top future skills to gain. It is anticipated that by 2030, the world economy will receive over $15 trillion from the AI market. There is a vast shortage of know-how in artificial intelligence, so if you join the workforce, you can ensure a promising career in the future. Re-skilling and up-skilling with future-oriented employment skills such as AI are more relevant forever to those already employed.

Your IBM certificate will pave the way for a variety of technological careers. You will come across courses that prepare you for your dream job, whether you want to be an AI application developer. By enrolling in one of the best IBM-sponsored courses, you can take on available AI career opportunities. It's time for you to start the next step and pursue a career in AI.

By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 26, 2021
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