Hair transplant options in the UK

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There are specialists in the UK who perform successful hair transplant surgeries. For people who can afford this it is a viable option, but it is not so easy if you do not have the money. This is when individuals may choose to look elsewhere, such as the Vera Clinic in Turkey, which offers good results and is used to accommodating foreigners.

The price of having a procedure done in the United Kingdom varies quite a bit, ranging anywhere from about £2000 to as much as £10,000 depending on what procedure is done and how many times a particular type of surgery needs to be performed to get a realistic result. In situations where hair loss is very pronounced a person should understand that more than one procedure may be needed for them to be satisfied with the result and overall look.

Hair transplant clinics in the UK

There are hair transplant clinics spread throughout the UK including in main cities such as Manchester, London, and Birmingham, and even in some large towns such as Romford. It may be difficult to decide on a clinic depending on where you stay in the UK. Certainly the larger cities will have many places to choose from. Consider that there are at least 20 hair loss clinics to choose from in London alone and you soon realize that it may be a difficult choice.

Recommendations from friends along with finding out if the experts at a clinic are certified are helpful in choosing a place to have work done. Remember that a very cheap clinic may not be a good option since this could mean that the quality of care and expertise may be lower than you want.

What procedures are done at hair transplant clinics in the UK?

Most clinics in the UK offer the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methods. Going for a consultation can give you a good idea on what method they recommend and why. You should also ask the benefits and drawbacks of any method they are recommending for your particular situation.

It is best to choose experts who have been in a business for a while because you want experienced individuals working on you, and such specialists can often show you a track record of successful transplant work.

Board certification is another important indicator as procedures such as the FUT and FUE do require that people be trained correctly.

Should you go overseas instead of having the work done in the UK?

It may seem simpler and safer to have the hair transplant work done in the UK if that is where you are living and working. However, the cost may be prohibitive for many people. This means that a lot of men are left with few options but to travel outside of the country to where the procedure can be done at a more reasonable price.

Provided you do your homework there is no reason you can’t find a reputable clinic in another country, such as Turkey, for instance.