State Grand Mosque

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State Grand Mosque

The state house of worship Qatar is one in every of the biggest mosques in Qatar and has been renamed when the good Muslim theologist, reformer and pioneer of the eighteenth century “Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab”. Ibn Abdul Wahab (1703-1792) proliferated for expelling negatives and unfortunate advancements in Islam.

He punished Muslims to follow solely the first values of Islam as typified by the Salaf and to discard exploitations introduced by bidah (heretic innovations) in his teachings.


The state house of worship is found within the Jubailat district of national capital simply south of the Corniche, High on a hill high the Qatar Sports Club in Doha's West Bay. made within the half of twentieth century, the house of worship options AN imposing building with several domes and was engineered with a desirable mixture of each ancient Arabic and fashionable design which incorporates sparkling half-moons, a tower and huge open outside areas. The grand house of worship contains a terribly recent feel with crisp lines besides it preserves a number of the normal Moslem branch of knowledge parts and with its distinctive doomed roof it'll be a surprising example of branch of knowledge magnificence and landmark construction in national capital.

Sheikh Jassim bin Mahomet Al Thani, the founding father of Qatar place of worship Boualaqbib created the state grand place of worship in memory of his father. once he detected the death of his father on his come from his campaign in Zubara in 1878, he determined to create a grand place of worship in port. the gorgeous, prolific place of worship conjointly tells the port story with the arenaceous rock facades, the lowly building height and ninety smaller domes impersonate the building constraints gift once Qatar was in its early years. The melioration work started in Dec sixteen, 2006 at a value of 420 million riyals. the entire space of the place of worship is around one hundred seventy five,000 sq.m. within the cool central hall of the place of worship, quite ten,000 men can give prayers and therefore the close spacious house commanding the comfort station space is enough to accommodate 1300 ladies. The place of worship has 3 main doors and as several as seventeen aspect entrances. As several as sixty five domes cowl the outer quadrangle and twenty eight giant domes cowl the central hall. Generally, the place of worship will house worshippers of as several as thirty,000 at a time as well as the out of doors space.

How to get there?

The house of worship is in Al Mohandiseen Street, Doha, south of the Corniche, close the Qatar Sports Club. Travellers will swimmingly notice their ways in which within the space, as locals around speak English, Arabic and urdu furthermore guests also can notice appropriate transportation to maneuver among the town.

Inside the house of worship

Basement: with AN approximate space of concerning 3853 m a pair of. Includes wudhu (ablution) place and rest rooms, furthermore because the half for the machines

Ground floor: a section of concerning twelve 117 m a pair of. Men’s main prayer hall, women’s special enclosure for ablutions and for different special wants there's a separate place.

Mezzanine floor: a section of concerning 2594 money supply. Includes a prayer hall, women space and special prayer hall for the boys, besides the library and halls for the memorisation of the religious text, singly for each the genders.

Parking: 9 parking areas of concerning three hundred cars and is contact fourteen,877 sq. metres

VIP area: there's a special enclosure for VIP’s to hope.

Things to recollect

> That it's inaccessible to non Muslims, but it’s an excellent place to require images

> All worshippers ought to respect the house of worship by turning off their mobiles, food or beverages aren't allowed into the ability, inserting their shoes within the shoe racks and to not disturb different worshippers.

> Foreign tourists aren't sure by an equivalent code as Qatari Muslims; but it’s still essential to be sensitive to Qatari concepts of civility. Tourists ought to be particularly cautious concerning selecting dressing appropriately throughout their holy month of Ramadan.

> Any violators are going to be forced out of the house of worship by the protection employees from the house of worship workplace.