Recreational Clubs

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Recreational clubs provide their members a good style of sports and recreational facilities proportionate with the resources and instrumentation obtainable in every individual club. Most major clubs square measure targeted in national capital, the capital, and alternative cities like Mesaieed and Dukhan.


Dana Club

Dana Club is arranged inside Khalifa Complex for Tennis and Squash. It offers its individuals numerous games and recreational offices, for example, open and indoor tennis grounds, which are housed in a roomy region highlighting the deep rooted conventional building legacy.

Telephone: 4834700


Doha Club

Doha Club lies in Ras Abu Aboud locale ignoring the Gulf waterfront. It offers its people amazing workplaces, foremost a fine shoreline and an enormous swimming pool furnished with water shaping structure. The club similarly has 7 floodlit tennis courts, 2 indoor squash courts and a private marina despite first class advantage.

Telephone: 4418822


The Diplomatic Club

This esteemed club lies in the West Bay zone and offers its individuals extravagant offices, for example, an exercise room for different games exercises, representatives meeting lobby and a generally useful corridor that can oblige up to 400 individuals. There are additionally tennis and squash courts, a library, an excellence focus and eateries.

Telephone: 4847444

Equestrian Club

The club has a grass track and a sand track and courts for camel and steed magnificence challenges and nearby titles. The club arranges the Emiri Sword occasion and Qatar International Desert Marathon. 

Telephone: 4805901


Doha Golf Club

Because of its great area and awesome administrations, Doha Golf Club brags one the best golf grounds in the Middle East. This made it the focal point of worldwide consideration and an appropriate setting for Qatar Masters Golf Tournament, with sections from Japan, America and Europe.

Telephone: 4832338


Falcon Club

This club offers Qatar crude oil senior workers members a good style of recreational and sports facilities as well as a bowling center, three lawn tennis courts and a couple of squash courts. The club is open seven days per week from nine am to eleven pm. On Thursdays it closes well once hour.

Telephone: 4443701


Al Ghazal Club

This club dedicates its services for Qatar crude oil junior workers members. it's among its several facilities a athletic facility, a court, a basketball ground, a soccer ground and a garden for youngsters. it's open seven days per week from eight am to ten pm. On weekends it closes at eleven pm.

Telephone: 4433030


Dukhan Recreational Center

The club has two swimming pools, one for fully grown ups and one for youngsters, two lawn tennis courts, multi-purpose outside play grounds, an outside multi-purpose space, a gymnasium and alternative facilities. the middle is open seven days per week from seven am to ten pm.

Telephone: 4717072


Al Hubara Recreational Center

It has an out of doors multi-purpose play ground, a court, a table game area, a standard lounge, a video games area, a TV hall, a wing for women, AN inside athletic facility, a library, a pair of swimming pools one for kids and one for adults, a garden for kids and an online restaurant. the middle opens seven days every week from three pm to eleven pm. On Thursdays and Fridays it opens from nine am to eleven pm.

Telephone: 4716125


Dukhan Squash and Play Grounds

Al Hubara Club supervises this facility. it's open seven days every week from three pm to ten pm for all Qatar crude oil workers United Nations agency reside in Dukhan.

Telephone: 4712414


Dukhan Cinema and Theater

This house has 600 seats and it opens for four days every week for Qatar crude oil Dukhan workers.


Mesaieed Golf Club

It has a 18-gap golf ground, a tennis court, a garden for kids, a typical lobby and a pool room. It opens 6 days seven days from 6: 30 am to 6: 30 pm and closes on Saturday for upkeep. 

Telephone: 4771740


Al Shaheen Recreational Center

This Center has a swimming pool, a tennis court, an outside multi-reason play area, an exercise center and a garden for youngsters. It opens 7 days seven days from 4 pm to 10 pm on weekdays.It opens on Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 10 pm.

Telephone: 4770848