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Qatar Tourist Information | About Qatar | Qatar Day

Qatar Travel Tips and Tourist info

Here area unit some general tips that will assist you in taking care of all that you simply would like before designing a trip Qatar.

Facts concerning Qatar:

Full Name : State of Qatar

Capital town : El Beda

Time Zone : GMT/UTC +3 ()

Languages : Arabic is that the official language, however English is additionally wide acknowledged. Urdu is additionally spoken.


The national currency is that the Qatari riyal (QR). one Riyal is similar to a hundred Dirhams. Bank notes area unit out there in denominations of QR500, 100, 10, 50, 5 and 1. Coins area unit found in denominations of twenty five, 50, 10, five and one dirhams, though solely twenty five and fifty dirham coins area unit wide circulated.

Currency exchange are often done at the field, currency exchange dealers and banks. the smallest amount favourable exchange rates area unit seen with facilities at the airports, whereas competitive rates area unit typically found at eye monetary institutions. it's higher to avoid exchanging cash at your building, as building rates area unit among the worst affected. the most bank branches in Qatar area unit set on Grand Hamad Street, Doha.

There aren't any currency restrictions on import or export of native or foreign currency, except Israeli currency, that is prohibited.

Electricity : Voltage is 240 AC at fifty cycles [As for electrical sockets, British vogue Plug with one grounding blade and 2 flat blades area unit used. Even Indian/South African vogue plugs with 2 circular metal pins on top of an outsized circular grounding pin are often used.]

Weather: Qatar has Associate in Nursing arid climate with delicate and pleasant winters and hot and wet summers. Sandstorms and dirt storms occur often. just in case of any natural disasters, follow the recommendation of native authorities and monitor the media for up-to-date data. Check current weather here

Telephone: The country code for Qatar is +974. town or space codes don't seem to be used.

Emergency: The emergency signaling is 999.

Internet: Majority of five-star hotels in Qatar supply net accessibility to guests with cheaper rates between 7pm and 7am.

Weights and measures: The system of weights and measures is that the legal customary, though some British measures area unit still in use.

Best time to set up visit to Qatar

Qatar has hot and arid climate, with most heat old in summers. To avoid climatical extremities, the simplest time to go to Qatar is between Nov and early Apr. These months area unit winter and early spring season. Such weather conditions allow outside activities and sight-seeing across the country and these area unit thought to be peak-tourist season in Qatar.

Points to think about before travel

  • Organize travel insurance and check activities lined beneath your policy.

  • Register your travel and speak to details to contact throughout Associate in Nursing emergency.

  • Visa rules modification perpetually. Contact nearest Embassy or diplomatic building of Qatar for up to date data. make sure that your passport has a minimum of six months of validity from planned date of trip home country. conjointly carry copies of your latest passport images, just in case you would like a replacement passport whereas you're in Qatar.

  • Organize many ways in which to access cash in Qatar, as well as credit cards, travellers’ cheques, debit cards, cash, or money cards. Consult your bank to seek out out details concerning the foremost applicable currency and ATM cards.

  • Make photocopies of valuables like tickets, visas, passport, and travellers’ cheques.

  • Contact your General doctor one month before travel, to examine concerning vaccinations and alternative preventive measures.

  • Emergency medical treatment is superb in Qatar, however dear. Routine treatment is on the market, however is also dear for tourists. Hence, make sure that you've got adequate travel insurance and alternative accessible funds to hide the value of medical expenses, if any. just in case of any emergency medical treatment, if needed, throughout your trip, dial emergency medical help at 999 and ask for facilitate.

  • Do not carry surplus money, dear jewelry, watches, cameras, and as a wise precaution, guarantee to lock your baggage.

Local customs and rule

Local laws in Qatar mirror the actual fact that Qatar is Associate in Nursing Muslim country, and therefore the laws here ought to be revered in the slightest degree times. you'll ought to make sure that your actions don't offend alternative cultures or non secular beliefs, notably, throughout the holy month of Ramadan, once visiting non secular areas.

Importing alcohol, porn, pork merchandise, narcotics and spiritual books into Qatar is unlawful. All rider luggages area unit scanned for its contents at El Beda field Arrivals Hall. DVDs and videos area unit subjected to scrutiny and will be censored . However, travellers coming into Qatar might usher in cheap quantity of fragrance for private use, while not paying duty. The penalties for possession of or change medication area unit severe, usually leading to imprisonment. Similarly, it's a punishable offence to drink alcohol publically.

While in Qatar, you'll ought to dress with modesty publically. ladies ought to wear dresses that cowl their arms and legs, because it is taken into account a relevance native culture and traditions. native ladies area unit usually utterly veiled. Any intimacy between men and ladies, in public, will cause arrest. normally Qatari men and ladies don't socialize ofttimes outside families. Homosexual behaviour is unlawful in Qatar.

Although it's acceptable to cross your legs, it's not acceptable socially, purpose out|to indicate} the only of your foot or to point your foot at anyone.

At social and business functions, ancient Qatari low is served, in terribly tiny cups, as a gesture of welcome. Guests area unit typically served within the order of seniority.

During Ramadan ingestion, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunset is verboten for Muslims. Non-Muslims too, area unit expected to refrain from ingestion, drinking or smoking publically between sunrise and sunset. There area unit some giant institutions, as well as five-star hotels that cater to non-Muslims throughout these times. But, you'll ought to check arrangements beforehand.

Common Arabic phrases largely utilized in Qatar

Naám = Yes

laá = No

min fadlak = Please

marhaba = greeting

shukran = Thanks

Common acknowledgement words

assalmu alaikum = peace be with you

Reply to the present common acknowledgement

wailakum assalam = and with you be peace

Travelling with youngsters, women

Single folks or adults motion alone with youngsters ought to recognize that some countries need documentary proof or parental responsibility before permitting lone folks to enter the country, or, in some cases, before allowing the youngsters to depart the country. For a lot of such data, contact your nearest Qatari embassy.

Travelling are going to be easier if youngsters recognize what to expect. arrival early and reserve a bench, as look the planet from as high as thirty five,000 foot might be fascinating for a toddler. Although, majority of the airlines provide youngsters recreation aboard, you youngsters might notice it a lot of pleasant after you usher in some books, games, toys and alternative wants.

Women travellers ought to lookout once motion alone in Qatar, notably in the dark. Single ladies travellers area unit typically at risk of harassments, and will typically expertise incidents of unwanted attention, however they'll not be of threatening nature. once motion alone, the taxi used ought to be from one in all the respected taxi/limousine firms.


In comparison to western countries, driving standards in Qatar area unit lower, and now and then speeds area unit high and minor accidents to happen. If you're concerned in a very motor accident, stay along with your vehicle, because it is Associate in Nursing offence to depart the scene of accident, though nobody has been harmed within the accident. A Police report is also needed before you proceed with repair works on your vehicle or claim against your insurance.

Driving on rural roads might be dangerous in Qatar, thanks to unsafe driving practices, shy lighting and presence of wandering animals. Hence, take the assistance of a respected tour organizer to cope with risks related to visits to such places.

Tours ought to be undertaken solely in well-equipped machine drive vehicles with food provisions, ample water and a transportable. Travellers coming into Qatar by ocean ought to remember of the actual fact that there area unit many area unitas that are sensitive in respect to territory and security.

Significant penalties are introduced for traffic offences, as well as not sporting a seatbelt. The law stipulates that driver and therefore the front seat rider ought to wear seat belts all the time. Even minor expressions of force, will draw vital penalties. Penalties also are levied to be used of mobile phones. Drinking and driving is strictly not allowable in Qatar.

Visitors will drive on their home country license for max of seven days or on a world driving allow for 6 months following their arrival in Qatar. a short lived Qatari license with 3 month validity could be a should before applying for a permanent licence.

Banking Hours

Banks area unit open each morning, aside from Fridays, and credit cards and traveller's checks area unit wide accepted. they're open from seven.30 to 11.30 Saturday through weekday.


Qatar serves form of international cooking, as well as Pakistani, Western and Indian. Curries area unit common, as is rice, biryani, chicken, potato plate, fruit juices and soft drinks promptly out there, as is gahwa, robust and spicy coffee. If you wish a eu cooking in a very fancy setting, a building just like the Ramada or the Marriott would be ideal, whereas for true authentic Thai cooking, strive Thai twin or Thai snacks. Indian and Pakistani food, area unit found throughout town. Even the center japanese cooking is found everyplace, and may be purchased low-cost from take-outs too. Sometimes, a meal at the Souqs would even be a novel expertise in Associate in Nursing authentic setting.

Tax and Tipping

At restaurants, typically a service fee is further to the bill. If your bill doesn't embody 100% service charges, then you may follow the quality tipping rules, and add it permanently service.

Usually, straightforward taxi fares don't would like a tip. However, drivers typically trek into the backyards of the country, and such drivers ought to be constant 100%.

There aren't any taxes levied on personal or company financial gain, and no withholding, and no VAT in Qatar.


Visitors to Qatar don't need any specific vaccinations, however immunization against viral hepatitis and enteric fever area unit counseled. El Beda has sensible medical standards and care and medicines area unit promptly out there. typically hospitals and doctors expect money payment for the services rendered. Comprehensive travel insurance is powerfully counseled to hide any unforeseen medical expenses or emergencies. To avoid risk of Traveller’s symptom, carry drinking water with you. For any medical emergencies in Qatar, call 999.

Terrorism / thieving / crime

When designing your activities in Qatar, remember of the type of places acknowledged to be terrorist targets and security levels provided. typically public and business areas, frequented by westerners and key transport installations like field premises, hotels, clubs, cinemas, theatres, supermarkets and searching areas, schools, places of worship, outside recreation events and holidaymaker area unitas are at risk of thieving and act of terrorism.

Qatar has relatively low incidents of crime, as well as pick-pocketing, petty crime etc. though incidents of card skimming etc area unit low, you must observe precautions.

In general, El Beda could be a safe town, and guests typically don't encounter several issues with petty crime. However, the threat of act of terrorism is present here, although it doesn't appear to own a control on daily life. Associate in Nursing ‘Abaya’ (the scarf worn by native ladies here), which might be purchased simply in El Beda, is one in all the strategies of avoiding the annoyance of any unwanted attention for ladies. However, sporting Associate in Nursing robe isn't a requirement.