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Al Ghariya

Al Ghariya Beach - Take the Al Ghariya turnoff four.5 metric linear unit on the far side Fuwarit on the Al Shamal (North) Road and follow the tarmac road, keeping to the proper once the road splits. Once the placement of a desert camp for Qatar's reconnoitring movement, Al Ghariya bit by bit developed into alittle weekend facility for alternative campers. there's a beach resort further as a well-liked sandy beach to the north with shallow water.


Dukhan is that the centre of Qatar's onshore industry and at the start of the twentieth century had the sole landing strip within the country. The security-gated complicated in hand by Qatar oil (not hospitable the overall public) consists of each residential and production areas and includes the primary oiler trained in Qatar, in 1938. ossified sharks teeth may be found in a number of the sedimentary rock hills and there's a well-liked beach accessible to all or any. At the gates to Dukhan town, flip left and follow the coast road for nine metric linear unit till reaching Dukhan Water Sports. The tarmac road ends here, however to the south, you'll realize lots of places to prevent. though the beaches square measure sandy, there square measure sharp rocks beneath the water, thus beach shoes square measure best.


Fuwairit Beach - Take the Al Shamal (North) Road past the Al Khor turnoff and once forty four metric linear unit, flip right at the Fuwairit sign; follow the road resulting in alittle village and as you reach the outskirts, flip left onto a rough track. Drive for one.5 metric linear unit on the tiny ridge border the beach till reaching the bizarre formations of scoured hills (jebel) that run right down to the water's edge. These little 'cliffs' border a fine sandy bay with coves that build ideal picnic spots. The strange shapes within the rock face, resembling Swiss cheese cheese, play nice photos.

Khor Al Adaid

Also called the Inland Sea, this breathtakingly lovely space, enclosed by rounded sand dunes, is one among Qatar's finest treasures and a chief business quality. A shallow periodic event lake with a slim outlet to the ocean, the many-lobed Khor Al Adaid lies between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and has shores in every country. Four-wheel-drive vehicles square measure necessary and solely veteran drivers ought to try the journey. instead, native tour operators organise day journeys and nightlong camps, providing exhilarating drives on the dunes, with barbecues, recreation and therefore the chance to ride camels or sand ski.


Also called forty two metric linear unit Beach or French Beach - Take the turnoff from Al Shamal (North) Road forty two metric linear unit north of the Al Khor turnoff. there's alittle signpost marked "Maroona", resulting in a slim tarmac road. Follow for six metric linear unit before turning right onto the raceway heading towards 2 massive palaces (driving parallel to the telegraph poles). Approach the beach between these 2 buildings, but beware, the sand is extremely soft for the last a hundred m.

Ras Abrouq (Bir Zekreet)

Ras Abrouq and Bir Zekreet, a favorite spot for weekend campers, is at the terribly tip of a land northeast of Dukhan (four-wheel-drive is required). Follow the most Doha-Dukhan road, and several other kilometres past the turnoff for Al Jumailiya (about five metric linear unit before the flyover) could be a fork wherever the previous Dukhan road veers off to the proper – look out for this as there's only 1 sign, in Arabic. After 1.5 km, flip right onto the road that heads up the northeastern facet of the Ras Abrouq land, follow for concerning twenty one metric linear unit and so branch off to the left, heading up and onto the highest of the jebel (hills). The track passes the wild ruminant reserve created by the Supreme Council for the atmosphere and Natural Reserves (SCENR) and thru a neighborhood that appears sort of a deserted village however was really designed as a movie set. Notice the trees: the lower branches square measure 'cropped' in an exceedingly line wherever the camels have eaten them! 

After nearly nine metric linear unit, AN abandoned police post may be seen on high of a jebel. Go round the base and head out over the causeway on the left, resulting in the tip of the land. the realm is packed with fascinating coves and bays, however the simplest is at the so much end: a sweeping half-moon bay flanked at each ends by rocky outcrops.

Sea Line Beach Resorts

Just south of Mesaieed, this resort with a building, 2 swimming pools and improved grounds, has villas and chalets for nightlong, weekend and vacation rent, and is additionally hospitable day guests. 

Watersports square measure obtainable from the beach and ridge buggies square measure obtainable for rent simply outside the resort. The tarmac road ends at Sealine and any more journey, towards the Inland Sea, must be remodeled the dunes in an exceedingly four-wheeldrive.


Take the route towards Al Khor, and for the exit to Lusail International Circuit. rather than going right the bridge, take left, till you reach the coastal village.

Umm Bab

Umm Bab is additionally called "Palm Tree Beach" due to the tiny cluster of palms at the top of the road aboard the tiny barrier. From Doha, take Salwa Rd, continuance twenty nine metric linear unit from the economic space and spending the Mukainis satellite earth station. flip right and follow the road for an additional forty metric linear unit till you reach the roundabout at the Umm Bab cement works. Go straight across and take the right-hand fork, passing alittle 'trading store' on your right. On cresting alittle hill, you'll see the coast stretched below and therefore the distinctive cluster of trees. most of the people flip left at the trees and stop a touch any on. The sand is deep, thus proceed with caution.