Khor Al Udaid

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Khor Al Udaid

Khor Al Udaid is taken into account because the desert marvel of Qatar and is found in a very strategic location eighty kilometre away within the south-east of Bida. The Khor Al Udaid Beach is incredibly noted for its restful and tranquil setting wherever guests will cut loose from the daily hassles of daily life, and might merely exile themselves and go aboard on a soul looking journey.


For those trying to find the proper beach getaway within the geographic region region, the Khor Al Udaid Beach of Doha is that the most well liked selection. Khor Al Udaid beach supply guests a special perspective on however beaches area unit presupposed to be. The beach becomes rather more sort of a resort on the shore of a lake by morning because the stream of water advances on to the desert to create what's called "internal sea". the ocean recedes by gloaming and also the beach becomes once more a desolate piece of land with its exceptional sand dunes of assorted sizes as high as forty meters. throughout Night, the moonshine and sparkling stars produce a way of eternity which can be unforgettable for the guests. The sand dunes sparkle in a very rattling array of colours anytime the sun rises or sets. The beach is oddly settled in-land, will be reached by a four – wheel automotive in a very tour that reminds guests of a desert campaign. Once there, they need many options: to plunge into water, or do some sand athletics or climb to the highest of a ridge and revel in the dynamical scenery of the sand dunes that area unit comparable to an outsized oasis. The beach could be a good place sit, relax and revel in the serene surroundings.

Each each} landscape of the region undeniably plays employment in proving that this region in southern Qatar is one in every of the foremost odd but partaking destinations around the world. The pristine ocean water and so the dynamic landscape of the sand dunes produce the visit even extra unforgettable. a huge form of tourists flock to the beach to induce pleasure from the region’s natural beauty.

How to get there?

The Khor Al Udaid beach is found at intervals the southeastern region of the state of Qatar around seventy eight kilometre aloof from capital of Qatar. The beach possesses to be accessed by a four wheel automobile and it's sensible to travel to the present beach with adept drivers and guides administrative unit choose dune-bashing and perhaps let tourists get pleasure from the lifetime of the desert.

What to See?

The Khor Al Udaid beach sand dunes unit monumental, reaching up to a giant height of concerning forty meters. The crystal-clear waters are a significant attraction. confined by natural sand dunes, this beach collectively has long been blue-eyed by the locals, UN agency fondly call it as a result of the sea.

The nonpareil choices of the region unit as a result of a awfully exceptional odds and ends of earth science and geophysical science formation that happens obscurity else at intervals the geographic area. The Beach is in addition far-famed for its salt hummocks, coastal sabkha, the elevated mesas and conjointly the rocky outcrops. Obviously, tourists conjointly can get to fancy the serene waters as water cuts deep into desert forming channels. The clear waters produce tourists associate degree honest day to travel for swimming. Unquestionably, this distinctive choices give Associate in Nursing exciting demonstration that positively mirrors natural beauty at its most raw and pure kind.

The predominant wild the globe breeds is over enough to attract its excusable share of passionate travelers. The recently discovered salt hummocks, the stony deserts, the natural event embayment system and rocky outcrops collectively attract sizable quantity of nice guests. differing kinds of fish and turtles unit sweptback in from the seawaters in conjunction with many crustaceans. Bird watchers and tourists can spot utterly totally different birds like cormorants, terns, gulls and flamingos.

Khor Al Udaid Beach encompasses a really distinctive eco system. The flora and fauna jointly adds a high dose of enlightening attractiveness to this prime somebody destination. The region not only could be a first-rate location for refreshment and relaxation but jointly as an exquisite location for perceptive ecological patterns and interactions of the otherwise missing elements of the flora and fauna around the world.

Flora and Fauna

Apart from the large sand dunes and clear waters, there unit different choices among the area just like the stony deserts and conjointly the natural event system that unit value exploring. The flora and fauna among the web site is varied and is characteristic of what we'll understand among the earth.

The fauna among the Khor Al Udaid Beach unit varied that embrace the Arabian pasang, cormorants, terns, gulls, Arabian gazelles, flamingos, turtles and Ospreys. guests may also spot Migratory water fowls. The flora elements jointly Associate in Nursing example of the earth and includes species that unit quite rare and thought to be vulnerable.