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The Cultural Village Foundation is AN exceptional project of hope for human interaction through art and cultural exchange – a project created potential because of the impressed vision, solid religion and wise leadership of HH sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the daddy Emir of the State of Qatar.

Keeping pace with the rising world culture that emphasises the importance of diversity in human development, Katara Cultural Village is that the largest and also the most third-dimensional cultural project of Qatar. it's an area wherever individuals move to expertise the cultures of the planet. With lovely theatres, concert halls, exhibition galleries and with-it facilities, Katara aims to become a world leader for multi-cultural activities.


In line with the goals set forward by the Qatar National Vision 2030, Katara is a guardian to the heritage and traditions of Qatar and endeavours to unfold awareness regarding the importance of each culture and civilization and intrinsically, Katara hosts international, regional and native festivals, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

The Idea of Katara

Katara was born out of a protracted command vision to position the State of Qatar as a cultural beacon a beacon of art, divergent within the geographical area through theatre, literature, music, visual art, conventions and exhibitions.

This village shall be a glimpse of the longer term of a world wherever individuals of various cultural backgrounds overcome their national boundaries and embrace common causes to market a united humanity.

Katara is wherever the grace of the past meets the splendour of the longer term.

The meaning of the name Katara

Since the year one hundred fifty AD, "Catara" was the primary and most ancient name selected for peninsula in geographic and historical maps. On the map drawn by the expert Ptolemy in one hundred fifty AD, revealed in 882 AD -1477 AD and later within the Historical Atlas of Islam, the peoples of the peninsula within the middle of the second century AD were known. It conjointly stipulated the geographical location of peninsula below the name of Catara, North West of Gerra or close to it, and to the west of the city of Cadara.

The name "Katara" appeared within the geographical and historical maps in early eighteenth century AD. in a very French map of the peninsula coast line, ocean and gulf, the name was written "Katara" rather than "Catara," that was the designation employed by geographers from the map of Ptolemaeus in one hundred fifty AD till 1738 AD.

Tracking the etymology of Qatar throughout history is each helpful and fascinating given Qatar's cultural and academic wealth. This cultural richness plays a really necessary role in promoting and building the Qatari society. The attachment to our ancient roots along side studied modernization and technological advancement type the solid foundation of Qatari temperament and values.

It was set to revive Qatar's past name to uphold our affiliation to ancient heritage and to honour Qatar's distinguished position since the dawn of history.


Contributing to the accomplishment of Qatar National Vision 2030, we tend to dedicate each effort to nurturing social development through art and cultural interchange. we tend to ar meaning to build a community of inventive and innovative folks, UN agency ar responsive to their surroundings and ar intimate world cultures and values.

Katara could be a place wherever folks share cultures to nurture understanding and peace.

In Associate in Nursing ever-evolving digitalised world world, our goal is to produce a platform for folks of the planet to return along and share the wealth of their vivacious cultures, to embrace variations that build our world distinctive and to get similarities that unite folks no matter their origin.


We ar friendly and have interaction folks in exciting cultural experiences.


We ar happy with our national heritage and that we respect all cultures of the planet.


We ar an expert team that invariably provides our guests and guests with a superb expertise.