Historic Places in Doha Qatar

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Historic Places in Doha Qatar | About Qatar | Qatar Day

Qatar National Museum

Located on the Nip end of the Corniche, among the house of a former royal palace, the repository displays the planet science history of Qatar, except assortment of Moslem relics and artifacts. there is collectively a maritime repository displaying the plush fishes in Qatar, and atiny low lagoon whereby picket ancient boots area unit moored. Here guests collectively get to ascertain the previous residence of Sheikhs.

Al Khor Museum

The repository placed|is found} in Al Khor town settled fifty seven kms north of capital of Qatar. The repository is also a double construction building, with ground floor assigned for scientific discipline life, whereas the upper floor is prepared to point out excavation discoveries among the house. The repository faces the city district of Al Khor city.


Al Wakrah Museum

It is set in Al Wakrah town, 17kms from the capital, displaying marine life and rationalization materials.


Weaponry Museum

It is set in Al Luqta house among the suburbs of capital of Qatar. The repository displays rare samples of daggers, swords, miscellaneous firearms and accessories. It displays a powerful assortment of ceremonial swords, in conjunction with the gold-encased dagger owned by swayer Ali Bin Abdullah Al Thani, a complete happiness to King king Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of state, and a standard sickle-shaped dagger that belonged to renowned Lawrence of Arabian Peninsula.


Museum of Islamic Arts

Located on the Doha’s port, housed in an exceedingly} very building designed by I.M. Pei, the repository homes artefacts from muslim dynasties all over Europe, continent and Asia and from Al-Thani family and from all parts of Middle East.


Museum of Orientalists

The specialist assortment among the State of Qatar is one altogether the foremost major collections ever assembled among the globe. There area unit nearly 700 paintings with water colours, prints and drawing, a bunch of quite twenty years, all of that trace back to eighteenth century.


Sheikh Faisal collection

This splendid personal assortment ought to H.H. swayer king bin Qassim Al-Thani by his father, swayer Qassim bin king. The 5000sqm building choices quite 3000 distinctive things, in conjunction with Moslem manuscripts, metal objects, major archaeological findings, embroidery, textiles, carpets, and antique piece of article of furniture. The repository collectively displays a motivating assortment of historic cars and nineteenth century steam vehicle.


Photography museum

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the photography repository is one altogether the illustrious architects among the globe. This distinctive repository is hoped to be a landmark rapidly, given its urban setting at the center of capital of Qatar city. It displays government assortment of photography with quite 15000 things in conjunction with historic cameras and accessories, distinguished pictures, albums happiness to Sixties and historic documents.



Marroub Fort

Is located on the region of Quatar Associate in Nursingd was designed throughout the Abbasside quantity on the foundations of associate degree older fort. It carries the inscription of Abbasside sort of design. set on the northern aspect of the Fort, regarding 250 homes area unit sorted on thus on kind Associate in Nursing arch.


Al-Thughb Fort

Is located among the northwestern a vicinity of Country and is regarding 110kms from capital of Qatar. The Fort is rectangular in kind with four towers, resembling the common vogue for desert forts. it had been designed throughout the seventeenth and nineteenth century quantity.



Is located 100kms west of capital of Qatar among town of Al Zubara. created throughout 1938, this fort-turned-museum is sq. fashioned with circular towers in three corners, associate degreed an rectangular tower among the fourth. product of thick giant walls, this fort collectively served as a coast-guard station until mid-1980s and was used by the military personnel.


Al-Rakiyat Fort

The Fort was created throughout the seventeenth and nineteenth Centuries, is rectangular in kind with four towers among the corners.


Barzan Tower

The tower, created throughout late nineteenth century, was originally designed as tower and encompasses a ‘T’ fashioned sort of design, that's kind of distinctive. it's three levels Associate in Nursingd associate degree external manner.


Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

It is set regarding 20kms towards north of capital of Qatar, and is created throughout late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This Fort is characterized by its thick walls, spectacular façade containing varied decorative and branch of information parts.


Al-Wajbah Fort

Al-Wajbah Fort was the place of a illustrious battle, and with its high towers and thick walls, created throughout 1893 AD, it's one altogether the oldest forts among the country.



Al-Jassasiya includes of rocky hills that overlook the north-east coast of Quatar, and contain stone inscriptions dated back to pre-historic times. it's renowned for its wonderful beaches. Al-Jassasiya is also a stylish destination for week-end visits and excursions.


Al-Ghuwair Castle


The Al-Ghuwair Castle was designed throughout early nineteenth century, in an exceedingly} very rectangular kind with thick walls, though is presently in ruins.