Al Jassasiya

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Al Jassasiya

The Al Jassasiya web site is one amongst the foremost mysterious and enticing sites in Qatar. 

Northeast of El Beda, it's one amongst the few places wherever you'll realize petroglyphs, that area unit collections of rare and superb signs graven in stone. Carvings are often found at different sites, but those found at Al-Jassasiya area unit thought-about the foremost extraordinary in terms of each their quality and their state of preservation.


An astounding 900 glyphs are often found at Al-Jassasiya. Shapes vary from geometric patterns to representations of animals and boats found on 2 parallel 'jebels,' that area unit outcrops of fossil and sand dunes.

Seventy-one flower formed patterns created of 9 little holes around a bigger central hole conjointly exist. Some believe they were used for a game known as 'ailah,' referred to as 'umm al-judairah' in Kuwait and Bahrain.

The most common outlines area unit double rows of seven to 9 shapes that appear as if cups (333 in total, 193 with seven cups). These cups area unit believed to possess been used for one more game known as 'haloosa' or 'huwaila'. it's celebrated in geographic region as 'mandala'.

Similar graven rows chemical analysis back to the 15thcentury BC are often found within the temple of Karnak in urban center, Egypt, et al. chemical analysis back to the fifth century BC are often found within the same place. 

The total variety of double rows and daisies, combined with the wide selection of variations within the size of cups, casts doubt upon their use as game tables Associate in Nursingd suggests they're additional seemingly to be symbolic representations graven by an recent native culture still waiting to be researched.

The most uncommon carvings area unit those of thick-finned fish fossils, boats with various oars, scorpions walking on the rocks, donkeys and people depiction the outlines of turtles. In total, these carvings variety over one hundred.

Mystery surrounds many deep holes that area unit connected by skinny channels through that water will run. it's believed that these styles celebrated the rain, which is, of course, rare and precious in Qatar. There are a couple of carvings that seem to be teams of stars connected by lines, representing constellations.

A Danish anthropology mission studied the positioning in 1961 and at the start of the Seventies.

Qatari authorities area unit presently consulting different consultants for any interpretations. several theories exist, however there's little compelling proof to see the dates of origin of those fascinating carvings.

Ruins of recent settlements and dwellings containing native and foreign pottery chemical analysis back to the fifteenth century are uncovered round the outcrops at Al-Jassasiya.

Yet the carvings area unit believed by some to be abundant older. Others, however, purpose to the softness of the rocks on the outcrops, which might be worn quite simply, suggesting that the carvings could be more moderen.

Petroglyphs may also be found at Al-Jassasiya, Al-Wakra, Simaisma, Fuwairit, AlGhariah, Freha, and Al-Jemail.

Planning a visit 

Before visiting the positioning, we advise visiting the online sites of alternative necessary rock carvings in order that you'll be able to develop a stronger understanding of this rare quite heritage. 

As a reference, we advise the sites of Val Camonica 

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Consider delivery some snacks and refreshments on, because the nearest eating place is in Madinat AlShamal.

Please keep in mind to not litter the realm and to require any garbage back with you.

The site is usually open and there's no entrance money.

UTM coordinates N 25° 57' 07.7" E 51° 24' twenty two.8"

Address :

Al-Jassasiya is within the northeast of Qatar, seventy five klick from Doha. Take the North Road toward Al-Khor for roughly eighty five klick and switch right at the Al-Huwaila sign (you can see a white house of God at the junction). Then, take the primary sealed road on your left and go straight; once 3 klick you must see an outsized enclosed space on the left aspect of the road accessible through many gates. this is often the positioning of the rock carvings. the primary outcrop is parallel to the road. the largest carvings square measure situated beside Associate in Nursing recent sign you'll be able to see from the road. The second cluster of carvings is any north on the opposite outcrop, and is accessible through a gate any down the road.