Things to do before leaving Qatar

Things to do before leaving Qatar By Qatar Day - November 26, 2021
Things to do before leaving Qatar

Things to do before leaving Qatar

Qatar is home hundreds of thousands of expats from all across the world. New people relocate to Qatar every year and many move out of Qatar to other places. We have talked a lot about what expats need to do to live in Qatar in a safe, secure, and legal manner. Today, we are going to talk about what expats who are leaving Qatar need to do before they move out of Qatar. 

Don’t make haste:

As the old proverb goes: ‘haste makes waste’. Remember that you have 90 days to leave the country once your residence permit (RP) is cancelled or expires. You must keep in mind that moving out of a country where you have been living for a few years will involve a lot of planning and cannot be done in a matter of few days. Make a priority list of the things that you need to ship out, such that all the important stuff goes out first and if need be you can come back to take the remaining of your stuff if you are from one of those countries that are afforded a visa on arrival in Qatar. 

Pay your debts:

Qatar has a policy of not allowing expats to leave the country before they settle their outstanding debts, this policy is implemented strictly. All outstanding debts, whether they be credit card bills or unpaid loans, you will be not be allowed to exit the country without clearing these debts. Your EoS benefit will not be released until you have paid the outstanding debts. Once you have cleared the debts, the bank will give you a stamped and signed letter that you will have to show to your employer to finish the process. 

Vacating the accommodation: 

As soon as you finalise that you are leaving the country, make sure to reach out to your landlord and let him/her know about your plans. By doing so you’d be able to give the landlord a notice in advance and entitle you to receive any security deposit that you had paid at the beginning of the tenancy agreement. Remember you’d be expected to vacate the property and leave it in a condition that you found it in. The landlord would obviously inspect it for any damages, which would either be deducted from your security deposit or you’d be asked to foot the bill if the damages are extensive. You can either choose to liquidate your furniture, if you had bought any or choose to ship it. Make it your second priority. 

Your car

If you’re one of those expats who own a car in Qatar, then you must weigh your options carefully. You can either sell it or ship it. If you’re moving to a neighbouring gulf country, then shipping your car is not a hassle. However, if you are moving to a country which is thousands of miles away from Qatar, then it would be in your best interest to sell the car. You can post an ad of your car on the many classified sections of web portals in Qatar and you’d soon start receiving offers from interested buyers. 

Relocation of pets

There are many airlines that allow you to carry your pet. Qatar Airways allows carrying pets over long distances. A ticket for your pet will cost you around QR910-QR1460. After booking the ticket for your pet you’d need to do three simple things:

- The requirement to the destination country must be fulfilled.
- Have your pet vaccinated at least 1 month prior to the flight. 
- Get all the records of your pet approved from the Animal Resources Department of the Ministry of Environment.
If taking your pet with you is not feasible for you then make sure that you rehome your pet rather than sell it to a pet store. 

By Qatar Day - November 26, 2021

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