Qatar to use new mechanism for collecting traffic violations by 2022

Qatar to use new mechanism for collecting traffic violations by 2022 By Darlene Regis - December 06, 2021
50 percent discount on traffic violation fines up to 3 months starting Dec 18

Qatar General Directorate of Traffic

As of next year 2022, there will be a new mechanism for controlling and collecting traffic violations. The (goodwill) initiative launched by the Ministry will benefit a large segment of road users, especially those who have committed traffic violations and have accumulated large sums of money, an official said.

The new initiative was announced during a press conference led by the General Directorate of Traffic, today December 6, 2021, at its headquarters in Madinat Khalifa, on the initiative of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Brig. Muhammad Abdullah Al Shahwani, Acting Director General Directorate of Traffic, and Col. Dr. Muhammad Radi Al Hajri, Director of Traffic Awareness Department, Col. Rashid Salih Al Qamra, Asst. Director of Licensing Affairs attended the press conference.

Brig. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shahwani appreciated the media persons for their great roles and their permanent cooperation in spreading traffic awareness. He said:

“On the initiative of the Ministry of Interior and under the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the General Directorate of Traffic announces the launch of the initiative to settle accumulated traffic violations, by activating a 50% discount from the amount of violations. This discount will be available for a period of three months, starting from December 18, 2021, coinciding with the celebrations of the National Day of the State. After the expiry of this period and the beginning of next year, legal procedures will be applied to collect the new traffic violations."

The Director General of Traffic called on everyone to take advantage of this initiative launched by the MoI and to settle the violations accumulated during the past years in this 3-month period.

He emphasized that with the beginning of the new year, new legal procedures will be applied regarding violations and the violations will be referred to the concerned authorities (the Public Prosecution).

He pointed out that the General Directorate of Traffic emphasizes the implementation of this procedure in order to benefit everyone, especially those who have accumulated previous violations.

They have to settle these violations, as well as those who have seized cars at the Traffic Department in Industrial Area because of violations and take advantage of this initiative so that their vehicle will not be sold.

He added that the payment can be done through the Metrash2 app, and in the event of facing any problem with violations, they can contact the Traffic Department.

For his part, Col Dr. Muhammad Radi Al-Hajri said that this initiative aims to correct the situation of violators through a new mechanism based on the non-accumulation of traffic violations in the coming years, which gives it the status of a judicial officer and activates the national address to announce these violations.

He stressed that all these procedures are carried out in coordination with the relevant authorities, within the Ministry of the Interior and the external authorities concerned with the judiciary.

Source: MoI

By Darlene Regis - December 06, 2021

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