Making Living in Qatar a Healthy and Safe Experience

Making Living in Qatar a Healthy and Safe Experience By Mohammad Azher - November 17, 2021
Making Living in Qatar a Healthy and Safe Experience

Making Living in Qatar a Healthy and Safe Experience

The World Economic Forum’s 2017 The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report ranks Qatar one of ten safest countries in the world and that obviously means it is safest in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region by default. Given that Qatar is located in world’s most turmoil prone and politically unstable region, securing such a high rank in the safety section of the report on a consistent basis is impressive to say the least.

Overall Qatar was ranked 47th in the report in its ‘The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index Ranking’. 

Living in one of the safest countries in the world in no way means that one should not take the necessary precautions and safety ensuring steps. In a country like Qatar, where the majority of the year is marked by hot temperatures, safety in terms of healthcare has to be the first priority for people. Today, we bring a list of safety precautions that will ensure your stay in Qatar to be a pleasant experience: 

- Never forgot to securely lock your doors and windows when you leave your house, particularly if you are planning to be away for an extended period. 

- Before leaving your home for a longer period of time ensure all electricity circuits are switched off and LPG bottles are stacked in a safe out-of-exposure place.

- If you keep valuables such as jewellery, investment papers, research work etc. at home it may be worth getting a house insurance policy, which not only secures you against theft but also against incidents such as fire or other natural disasters. 

- While in Qatar never forget to carry the government-issued ID card with you. People living in Qatar are required to do so by law, if you are found to be violation of this law you may be fined with an amount of up to QR10, 000. 

- Ensure the smoke detectors or fire alarms are installed in your house and make sure they are in proper working condition. Keeping an in-house fire extinguisher is also something worth considering. 

- Do not leave any valuables or personal effects such as wallets, phones etc. in your car unattended, regardless whether you leave the car locked or unlocked, better safe than sorry. 

- While going out for shopping never leave your kids or pets behind in the car unattended as the temperature inside the car quickly turns into a hot oven, which can lead to heat stroke and even death. 

- While venturing out in Qatar during the summer time don’t forget to wear a good sunscreen on all the exposed areas of your body and always carry bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. 

- If you are fond of going out for camping make sure you have the right equipment such as fire resistant tents, first-aid kits, spare wheels for your car, lots of water and food. 

- Never let your children enter the water on their own while visiting the beaches, always accompany them. The beaches can sometimes surprise adults with the sudden changes in water levels so with children you need to be extra cautious. 

- Acquaint yourself with the traffic rules of the country as violating them can invite hefty fines. Teach your children about road safety and never to wander off with anyone without asking you or whoever is looking after them at that time. 

- Be a responsible citizen and report anything that you find out of place or suspicious to the authorities right away. 

- Get your vehicles checked for faults and service requirements in time, lest it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and takes a toll on your pocket as well as routine. 

By Mohammad Azher - November 17, 2021

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