How to know if you are making any violations in Qatar? Check this violations list from the Ministry

How to know if you are making any violations in Qatar? Check this violations list from the Ministry By Qatar Day - September 01, 2021
Violation List from the ministry in Qatar

Violation List from the ministry in Qatar

If you are a resident or expatriate in Qatar, it is highly recommended for you to be familiar of the violations list from the local authorities, enable for you to know what is legal or illegal in the country.

Here is a list of the violations provided by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, for your guidance while living in the State. This includes violations on the following issues:

‚Äʬ†Buildings Permits

‚ÄĘ Food Stuff

‚Äʬ†General Cleanness¬†

‚ÄĘ Salon Units

‚ÄĘ Markets

‚ÄĘ Industrial Area

Buildings Permit Violations

1  - building without permit

2 -  infringement on state property and others-

3 -  Working without consultant

4 -  working without putting the cadastral(surveyor)mark.

5 -  Maintenance of a building without permit

6 -  tenancy of the building before issuing the certificate of implementation of the building or join services before the issuance of the certificate

7 -  Obstruction of Traffic

8 -  leave or throwaway the waste of the excavation and building materials in workshops, public roads or land space

9 -  changing the licensed color

10 - changing the interfaces of the building

11 - load, unload or mixed dust, stones or building materials outside the workshop surrounded by a wall

12 - expand the area of ??building without permit

13 - mixing materials outside the boundaries of the building

14 - increase(add) a building(flour) without permit

15 - failure to take procedures and precautions necessary to ensure the safety of workers, passers-by, next buildings and public facilities

16 - Non-compliance with defections and heights

17 - Non-compliance with the conditions of the license especially the approved maps either by adding or expanding

18 - Non removal of  violations

19 - Not to repair excavation or damage in the street or public utilities

20 - Not to make the fence(wall) according to the specifications

21 - not to put the warning, guidance and optical signboards

22 - not to put a wall around the construction site

23 - Not to put a signboard on the building

24 - Making entries which are not allowed

25 - Making the work of excavation without excavations permit.

26 - violating the order of stopping the violated works before removing the causes of the complaint

27 - the destruction of buildings without permit

28 - the destruction of the building or any part of it without obtaining a license

Food Stuff Violations

1- (accumulation / and not separated / rules / lighting / shelves / spaces)

2- Using the  shop for housing

3- Use tools of preparing the uncooked meat and fish in preparing vegetables

4- Using newspaper in packaging

5- Doors and windows are not securely closed and do not close automatically.

6- the floor is not valid and there are damages in it

7- walls and ceilings are not painted with oil painting, there are cracks and the walls are not clean

8- cars are not clean and are not ready to transport foodstuff.

9- color is invalid / inappropriate

10- space is inappropriate to practice the activity

11- continuation of heating oil for deep frying on high temperature for a long time without change

12- freeze foodstuff  that have been prepared and re-heated again

13- Heating frozen foodstuff by water at room temperature

14- Disable conditioners of cooling and freezing in the car used for distributing and marketing

15- accumulation of tools and utensils without cleaning in public shops

16- accumulation of food displayed improperly in the shops

17- inadequate ventilation and high temperature "air conditions are not sufficient"

18- not to wear uniform and head cover and hand glove

19- not to wear gloves while preparing and packing food stuff.

20- not to clean water tanks and filter continuously

21- Not to follow the activity specified for the license

22- not to be interested in  personal cleanliness

23- lack of commitment to the conditions of foodstuffs refilled card

24- not to get rid of waste in a proper and organized way to prevent its accumulation

25- not to allocate places for cleaners and chemicals separate from food

26- not to assign plastic cutting boards in different colors for meat, fish and vegetables

27- not to assign a place for expired or damaged foodstuff

28- not to clean or inefficiency of the  action of cleaning for production lines

29- not to cover prepared foods with aluminum foil - clear plastic when putting in refrigerators

30- lack of healthy  conditions for re-packaging

31- lack of ventilation and suitable temperature for storage

32- lack of a sufficient number of containers of waste and rubbish

33- lack of a sufficient numbers of Sinks

34 - the lack of suitable stores with the appropriate size for the volume of work

35 - not to save cooked foods in a proper temperature (cold / hot)

36-Inefficiency of tools for the production of factories

37- lack of maintenance and cleanliness of tables, kitchen tools, vessels in public shops

38-not to sort fruits and vegetables displayed for sale

39- not to separate the place of cutting uncooked foods away from the place of food during preparation

40- inefficiency of  refrigerators in shops- disruption of thermometers "cooling - freeze"

41- not to clean used towels

42- not to clean the sinks and toilets in public shops

43- lack of cleaning and validity of  floors

44- lack of sufficient and appropriate lighting

45- lack of covers for drainage

46- lack of healthy certificates

47- lack of liquid soap / tissue paper / means of sterilization and disinfection

48- lack of tables for processing and preparation / unsuitable tables

49- lack of electric insect traps

50- displaying foodstuff  out of the shop

51- sick workers or injured with wounds and ulcers

52- all or part of the establishment was built by inappropriate materials

53- violation of healthy conditions in the shop

54- Violation of work activity regarding the license

55 - unhealthy traditions (smoking / spitting / eat at work .. etc.)

56- the existence of insects or rodents in stores that sell food

57- the existence of slots that allow the entry of insects

58- the existence of fungal growth and waste inside the refrigerator of showing

General Cleanness Violations

1- Throw or leave the old instruments, equipments or their parts on public roads, sidewalks or in public places.

2- Throw or leave waste, rubbish, trash bags or empty cans in the front of public stores or shops or outside the container designated for that.                       

3- Throw or leave food waste in gardens, on the beach, in public places or land space.

4- Throw animal muck or waste in places not assigned to them.

5- Throw waste of trees or gardens in roads or places not assigned to them.

6- Throw tissue paper, waste, empty cans, garbage or spitting on the sidewalks or in the other public places.

7- To leave the neglected cars on road, on sidewalks or in public places.

8- leave or throw the waste of excavation and building materials in workshops, on public roads or land space.

9- Throw or leave trash, garbage bags, food waste, waste paper or neglected rubbish in front of houses, roads or public places.

10- leak of cement remnants out of the cars of ready-mix concrete on public roads.

11- leak of  bath water in the public roads.

12- escape of sewage from cesspits or sinks or absence of a tight cover.

13- cleaning or drying carpets , blankets or clothes out side the windows or balconies overlooking the roads or public places.

14- not to use the cover of protection for the means of transport tightly which may lead to loss their contents.

15- washing cars, machines or other means of transportation in unacceptable places.

16- violation of healthy conditions in shops.

Salons Unit Violations

1 -Using the Salon for housing

2 - Using the old tools and equipments  and non-renewing them  (chairs, cabinets, etc.)

3 - Using  hair dyes, creams and mixes and other materials which are not authorized by the Ministry of Health

4 - Doors and windows are  not self-closing

5 - walls and ceilings is painted in oil paint and the presence of cracks

6 - walls and ceilings is painted in oil paint and the presence of cracks and the walls weren?t cleaned

7 - Not Efficient space for the activity

8 - inadequate ventilation and high temperature " non sufficient air conditioning "

9 - Do not wear aprons while working in Salons

10 - lack of commitment to the secure  and safety of electrical appliances

11 - lack of attention to personal hygiene

12 - failure to maintain the cleanliness of all the tools and equipments used (body cure  and manicure tools .... etc.)

13 - Non ? renewal  the ended license of the salons

14 - A lack of sterilization of the used instruments

15 - Non cleaned walls and floors

16 - lack of cleaning  used towels

17 - Non cleaned  sinks and toilets in public salons

18 - lack of health certificates

19 - There is no liquid soap / toilet paper / means of sterilization and disinfection

20 - There is no list of prices in the salon  and no smoking  board

21 - No barrier is put for the salon interface or the use of hidden glass

22 - violating  of health requirements in the business activity

23 - The holes allow the entry of insects found.

Markets Violations

1 - Obstruction of traffic

2 - Sale of goods without a license

3 - Open a shop without a license

4 - Practicing of profession peddler without a license

5 - Practicing of itinerant profession without a license

6 - Putting the goods on public sidewalks

7 - Putting air conditioners on the public sidewalks

Industrial Area Violations

1 - Building without a permit

2 - Installing a board  without a license

3 - No Posters on the shop

4 - Posters does not meet the terms

5 - The practice of commercial activity without a license

By Qatar Day - September 01, 2021

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