Amir patronizes graduation ceremony of Qatar University students

Amir patronizes graduation ceremony of Qatar University students By A Robin - October 12, 2021
QU Celebrates 44th Batch Graduation

QU Celebrates 44th Batch Graduation

Qatar University (QU) celebrated on Monday the graduation ceremony of its 44th batch (class of 2021) of Qatar University's (QU) male students of 828 graduates in various disciplines out of a total of 3,648 male and female graduates.

Considering the current pandemic, safety and precautionary measures approved by the state were undertaken during the event, where attendance was limited to graduates and organizers of the ceremony in order to implement social distancing.

In his speech on this occasion, President of QU Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham said, "As we celebrate the 44th class of Qatar University graduates, our dear country is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance that would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of the people of this country and their alignment behind its leadership from the time of the founder to the present time. Qatar University has the honor of contributing to the realization of this renaissance by preparing generations of competencies, whose number exceeds 57,000, who contributed to building a free and dear homeland. Today we celebrate a new batch of 3648 male and female graduates to join this blessed march in the development of our dear country."

"As we witness the success of our state and our rational government in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, Qatar University has also succeeded in continuing to carry out its mission and roles in teaching students through an integrated teaching system, which was effective without violating the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the students and the professors. This is in addition to the continuity of the university research programs and relations with local and international partners. There is no doubt that the efforts made by the faculty and the staff at Qatar University, represented an important factor that led to this success. What I would like to emphasize is that the University adopted plans and policies that enabled it to respond to the challenges of the pandemic and its effects, through flexibility and effective building."

Discussing QUs achievements in the health field, Dr. Hassan noted, "Today we are reaping the fruits of these efforts through our success in preparing and graduating highly-qualified and distinguished physicians, which qualified them to join the residency programs at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), despite the strict international standards adopted by these two institutions," he added that "the University succeeded not only in establishing the first national medical college, but we also succeeded in establishing a healthy community consisting of the College of Health Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy and Dental Medicine. This unique gathering has helped build a real partnership with health institutions in the country, which has enabled the university to have an effective contribution to confront the pandemic."

Dr. Hassan also noted another example of its partnerships with various state institutions, noting QUs collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, represented by the Joaan bin Jassim Joint Command and Staff College, which witnessed the graduation of its first pioneering class of students holding a Masters degree in defense studies. In addition, Dr. Hassan noted that in the field of training and continued education, the Community Service and Continuing Education Center (CCE) at the University offers more than 400 training courses and preparation programs for professionals that contribute to raising the efficiency of trainees through the latest training methods used globally.

He said that the holding of the elections for the first Qatari Shura Council marks the beginning of a new era in the overall renaissance process, which requires the university to contribute to upholding and consolidating the values of "citizenship," "production" and "sustainable development." He stressed Qatar University's endeavor to be a national house of expertise that supports the government's plans and institutions, and provides the Shura Council with the studies, policy papers, and consultations it needs to rationalize performance, and enrich dialogue and discussion on various issues for the benefit of the country and the citizen. 

President of QU Dr. Hassan Rashid Al Derham affirmed the efforts made by QU have been reflected in the university's progress in the list of the world's best universities. According to the QS rankings (Quacquarelli Symonds World University Ranking 2022), the University ranked 224 globally. The university also ranked second best in the Arab world according to the Times Higher Education rankings.

Speaking to the graduates, Dr. Hassan Al Derham said, "Do not forget that graduating is the beginning of the journey to build yourself and your future and give back to your country. The University has provided you with all the knowledge, science, skills, values and characteristics you need in order to be able to enter the labor market with the best standards and have the qualifications to be a distinguished presence in public life and to contribute effectively to the overall development of your community and your country as well."

As a representative on behalf of the 44th graduating class, Salman Al Ahbabi, a graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences said, "I am honored on behalf of the graduates to speak on this joyful day. The happiest moment in a students life, is when he obtains his degree after many years of hard work. Today, we are here, coming from different places and disciplines; we have entered from different doors, aiming to build our country, in terms of knowledge and culture."

As QU graduates its 44th cohort of graduates, the university continues to chronicle a long history spanning decades in which it contributes heavily to Qatars development and prosperity, through boosting the labor market with qualified graduates.

QUs new strategy places an emphasis on elevating the student experience by placing QU as a pioneer and a leading educational institution in the higher education sector in Qatar and abroad. QU is committed to providing quality education in areas of national priority, moving towards building a knowledge-based society.

The ceremony included a video screening produced by Qatar University, where the public learned about the university's vision and the most important achievements of its students. The graduation ceremony of the 2820 female graduates will be held on Tuesday.

Qatar University has more than 25,000 students, more than 1,700 faculty members, and offers more than 100 academic programs.


By A Robin - October 12, 2021

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