Two new traffic guidelines to be implemented in Qatar

  • 1 year ago
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The Ministry of Transportation is going to implement two manuals named Qatar Roads design and other one named Traffic control, to offer safety specifications and to control traffic congestions and traffic diversions. 

Speakers in a symposium composed by the Traffic Department at Darb Rl Saai at the sidelines of the GCC Traffic Week  said that the new activities will be actualized by the standards of the guidelines. This symposium is arranged under the title "infrastructure and its role in the traffic jam". Because of exceptional economic growth the work goes on for 24 hours at most of all construction projects other than the residential areas.


Rashid Taleb Al Nabet, who is the assistant undersecretary at the Ministry of transport and communication addressed in the symposium that these two new guidelines are updated to incorporate everything that falls in the bucket of development necessity. Qatar is witnessing an economic boom that the old guidelines no more able to meet. 

All the guidelines and principles that manages the outline and use, design and application of Traffic control gadgets is incorporated in The Qatar Traffic Control Manual (QTM). 

The participants in the symposium focused on the endeavours made by the traffic department particularly with continued infrastructure ventures and the part the department played to control traffic jams and other issues.