Please be aware: News on social media about the Crane accident in Doha that killed 150 Workers is fake

  • 11 months   ago
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People who are active on social media might have come across a number of pictures and videos showing an accident of crashed crane and numerous injured workers. The news says that several workers have died in the crane crash however there was no source or any related incident that had happened in Doha recently. So, it turns out to be a completely fake news with no base and was circulated on the social media targeting to spread panic among the residents. The post looks like the below


After digging deep in the matter, it was found out that the photos and recordings being dispersed are that of a mishap which occurred in the Sindusar Khurd mine, in Railmagra tehsil in Rajsamand, India. Four workers lost their lives in that accident. 

The makers of the fake news obviously plan to bring panic and fear in the minds of individuals. The Qatar government has additionally issued strict notices against making and spreading fake news. Residents are advised to double confirm the genuineness of the news before sharing it on social platforms or sharing the news without any confirmation can lead to penalty.