Hypermarket gains, while the vendor at the Umm Salal Fish market struggles for survival

  • 1 year ago
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Its more than a month Umm Salal Fish Market opened, but is yet to perceive any change in customer footfall, That is making the vendors in the market worried. Fish sellers say they are not able to sell out their stocks on a daily basis due to shortage of customers, which drives them to keep off the every-day auctions. 


The hypermarket is gaining by this, as the hypermarkets are benefitting from the circumstance, the hypermarkets are purchasing fish at very cheap prices and offering them at substantially higher rates to the customers.

As cited in Qatar Tribune a vendor said that In-spite of a sharp decrease in auction price of fish, there are only a couple of takers at the market. Sherry fish was auctioned at QR60 per 40kg a week ago, was left unsold at the shops even after 12 hours of sale, while in a hypermarket chain a similar variety of sherry fish was sold for QR14 per kg through their outlets. 

He added that the vendors in the Umm Sala Fish market are battling for survival because there are no customers and so no sales, they need to keep the prices as low as possible at the auctions. Prior, they were competing with the hypermarkets and exporters as the hypermarkets needed to rely on upon whatever was left by the vendors at the market. Prior, around 80 percent of the local produce was auctioned by the vendors and they were able to sell out the entire quantity to local customers at the market itself. 

After the market was moved to Umm Salal, the quantity of customers has relentlessly declined and the vast majority of the sellers were obliged to refrain from auctions as their stock has is left unsold because of absence of customers. 

Be that as it may, fish consumers in Doha have not profited from the circumstance. Despite the fact that the cost is far lower at the market at Umm Salal as compared to the hypermarkets, most of the residents are hesitant to go to a distant market just to buy fish.