Failure of illegal blockade: Supermarkets have food products in abundance now at a very reasonable price

  • 9 months   ago
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Regardless of the illegal barricade forced on Qatar by the Saudi-drove alliance completing 100 days now, Local markets in Qatar are flooded with assortment of food items and different daily essentials.The supermarkets quoted that the barricade has helped Qatar find new source of procurement of goods, other than those GCC nations that imposed the blockade.


Many supermarket owners and consumers said that the new source destinations and transportation routes have helped in offsetting the effect of the barricade, while the consumers are quite happy with the new brand on the shelves.

There was panic in the market when the crisis took place as daily use items like dairy began to vanish from the racks, and that’s when the Ministry of Economy and Commerce dealt with it and found new ways to meet the demand. Consumers were hardly affected as the items kept on flooding the market with the opening of new channels and transporting of merchandise via air. 

Customers found a constructive change asthere are many new brands in supermarket and numerous products are available at a very reasonable rate now. In the beginning of the crisis there was a surge in vegetable and fruits prices that ended for a few days, with the effort of MEC, prices were in control quickly.

Many others said that the Turkish items, for example, chicken and dairy are of far better quality than those available in the markets before the blockade.

Owner of a super market in Mansoura, said that there is no shortage of food items in Qatar now. He added that, toward the start of the crisis, he was worried about the accessibility of daily food products as they were transported in from the siege nations, but now the condition is changed and everything is available in abundance. 

Qatar is witnessing a huge growth in local industry as the demand for local products have shot up considerably. 

Qatari resident admires the stand of Kuwait and Oman in this issue and the help it provided in resolving the logistic problems. Kuwait and Oman openedtheir ports for Qatar and provided direct links with Hamad Port that supported the trade.