Expatriate sentenced 1 year of prison term for stealing jewellery

  • 1 year ago
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A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced an expatriate one year in prison and subsequent deportation from the country as he was found guilty of stealing a few pieces of gold jewellery from a showroom and was not present for the court hearings thereafter. 


Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the accused went to a jewellery showroom and asked to see some pieces of the jewellery, on the pretext of buying it however, he didn’t purchase anything and left the jewelry shop.

As soon as the man left the shop the manager of the showroom realized that many pieces of jewellery were missing. He informed the police and to assure that the man had stolen the jewellery police took the help of the surveillance cameras installed in the shop. Police succeeded to catch the man before he could leave the area, after the arrest the man admitted to theft and returned back the jewellery to the shop requesting not to be prosecuted but the manager didn’t agree to it and the case was taken to the court where he didn't appear for the court hearings.