Dust band and thunders showers to hit the country today

  • 1 year ago
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Qatar Met Department issued a warning that Qatar may be hit by a dust band today from morning till evening, that will drop the visibility below 2km in a few regions. 

Asking individuals to be wary, climate office additionally said that it was also expected to have thundery rains until early today alongside strong winds. Department warned people to stay away from sea activities because of unsettled climate conditions affecting the country. Offshore areas as well may experience windy, high sea and thunder showers today. 

Doha and other parts of the nation were lashed by heavy winds, thunder and rain yesterday evening, visibility also dropped at many places because of the dusty winds. Wind speed slowly picked up a speed up to 40 knots by the evening in few areas. 

Weather department asked people to disregard rumours on social media and to follow the updates from the department. 

A list of safety measures was published by the Ministry of Interior on twitter


It asked motorists to be watchful as thunder showers and strong winds were reported from different areas of the country. It additionally alerted in view of dust winds and low visibility. 

Today's forecast read that in the early hours today it will remain hazy and dusty conditions are also anticipated. It will remain cloudy and also expected scattered rain, that may be thundery at few places. 

Offshore area will be dusty and cloudy with anticipation of scattered rain with thunder storm. Sea level may rise to 12ft.

Wind speed may go up to 32 knots offshore and 30 knots inshore amid thunder showers. 

Met Department said that yesterday's climate was a perfect case of typical weather fluctuations amid period of sudden changes. As spring season starts, it denotes the onset of sudden changes referred locally as Al Sarayat. This stage started today and will continue till mid May. This period is portrayed by continuous weather fluctuations as westerly disturbance keep crossing the Arabian Peninsula, joined by warm fronts initially and trailed by cold fronts.