Drive carefully: One month Jail term and fine on motorist for rash driving

  • 1 year ago
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A Doha Criminal Court punished a motorist to serve one month of prison term and imposed a fine of QR10,000 for rash driving that caused severe injuries to people who were on road that time. 


Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the man was driving his vehicle towards Doha from Rawdat Rashid, and he crashed in to the rear side of the vehicle just in front of him due to lack of attention, sources also says that the motorist was overspending at the time of accident. 

The impact to the front vehicle was so high that the vehicle overturned hitting a light section, which made the vehicle catch fire instantly. Moreover, at the same time due to high speed the motorist was not able to control and he hit another vehicle in the same accident making serious injuries to many others on the road.

 The court sentenced the litigant in view of the traffic investigation report and the testimony of the victims and other eyewitnesses.