Doha dons Philippine colors to welcome Duterte

  • 1 year ago
  • 161849

The visit of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to begin tomorrow and preparation to welcome Duterte can already be seen. Philippine flags have been put across Doha at many places such as the Corniche area, road that leads to Hamad Int’l Airport, and many other intersections and roads. 

A meeting between the Filipino community and President Duterte will be held at the Lusail Sports Arena on Saturday, 15th of April from 6:30 pm to 8 pm and Filipinos have been invited to attend the meeting. 


Speaking to Qatar Day, Minda S. Obeidat, the Chairperson of the MRRD-NECC PENAMFED (Peoples National Movement Federalism)- Qatar Chapter said, “Filipinos in Qatar are very excited about the visit of President Duterte, but many are sad that only 6000 people will get to attend the community meeting”. However, we understand the situation and the need to follow protocol, she quickly added. 

“Many of us will be waiting outside the venue to greet the President, I personally had a pass to get in, but I have surrendered to the organisers as I share the sentiment of those who could not get in. So, I will be staying with them outside the venue with those who cannot get in”, she added. 

Minda expects President Duterte to speak about the issues pertaining to the welfare of OFWs in Qatar.