Doha Criminal Court sentences five Sri Lankan men to 5 years in Jail

  • 1 year ago
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Five Sri Lankan men have been sentenced by the Doha Criminal Court to five years in jail and subsequent deportation on charges of house burglary. 

According to local Arabic daily Arrayah, the court convicted the defendants of breaking into the house of another person who stole things worth more than QR90,000 including jewellery, luxury branded watches, women's handbags and other accessories. 


Investigation report suggests that when the incident happened, the victim was outside the country. He eceived a phone call from his mother who said that a number of expensive things were missing and that some people broke into the house.

Police stated that the defendants had formed a criminal gang targeting empty houses at elite areas at the time of vacations to steal precious things. 

They also used to send some of the stolen things back to their home country.