Demand for Local produce surges, Authorities need to invest in local manufacturing sector to make Qatar self sufficient

  • 1 year ago
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Industry sources reports that the local farms and food manufacturers in Qatar are taking the economic crisis as an opportunity to lift sales and extend to bigger markets. They are aiming an increased demand of local products even after the barricade from different nations is lifted. 


These local producers will be encouraged to deliver more to keep up with the growing demand. The individuals who are in the business will discover a market, which could enable their organizations to develop and extend. The political crisis has filled in as a reminder that local produce need to put more attentionto going forward. Surge in demand of local products also opens door to many more entrepreneurs in the local market and less dependency on imported stuff.

Representative from Lulu group said that there will be a switchover to boost Qatari items. Current conditions are the best for local food producers and providers since they have understood that they ought to use the circumstance and boost their existence in the hypermarkets. Even after the ban, they can profit since Qatari’s and expatriates are mindful of these local items and this will help in boosting sales in future. 

Lulu representative further added that Qatari items, whatever is available can be found in their hypermarkets. There are farms that give quality products and it’s a part of their endeavors to help local farms in Qatar.

A local poultry farm staff said that before the Gulf crisis, the organization's every day average for chicken was 33,000 heads, which were transported to hypermarkets and different stores in the nation. The organization likewise supplies the local market with 360,000 eggs each day. He added that the company is anticipating demand to surge following the ban on Qatar. 

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company is additionally encouraginglocal products in its stores as a feature of the program propelled in January by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) Agriculture Affairs Department to advertise "excellent" Qatari vegetables. A representative from the store added that as a result of the ban after the Gulf strategic crisis the store is giving these local products additional perceivability, which means better deals for local organizations. 

The Gulf Crisis came as an opportunity for the local products and it clearly shows that there is a need to put more investment and resources into local agriculture. Farmers in Qatar require full support of the local markets so they can supply and deliver more. The population is expanding, which means more demand. The local manufacturing division is an imperative industry, which is the reason the authorities must concentrate on this sector to make Qatar self-sufficient.