CDP crackdown on FAKE jewellery, demand further surges after crackdown

  • 1 year ago
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Consumer Protection Department(CPD) has propelled a major crack down on jewellery shops offering fake watches and ornaments of popular brands. CPD under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, from the beginning of this year has been directing inspections at jewellery shops offering global brands like Dior, Chanel, Bulgari, Messika etc, whose fake replicas these shops are selling for a very low price. 

These duplicate items were very meticulously copied from the original ones, so they attracted both citizens and expatriates. Normally the customer know the fact that the product is fake, but they buy them as these products looks exact replica of the original, while available at a competitive price. Ministry of Economy and Commerce launched the crack down on the sale of fake products as the authorised dealers of the international brands were affected. 

Since last year CPD inspectors had been requesting the shop owners to remove replicas of branded products from their shelves amid their regular inspection visits, but the final crackdown started this year beginning. 


A salesman said that fake jewelleries are made with non precious stones and 18 carat gold, as they are made to look like the international branded products. One can make out the difference between the branded and fake by looking at the sparkle and quality of stones used. Huge fines ranging from QR10,000 to QR50,000 can be imposed on outlets found guilty. 

Inspectors are raiding the shops as often as possible, shopkeepers are told that offering fake brands and watches is illegal. The demand for fake watches is the highest followed by necklaces, bracelets, rings and ear rings. 

The price difference between the fake and original is huge.  A product worth QR25,000 can be purchased at QR3,000. A branded ring worth QR5,000 can be accessible at QR500 for a fake one. The demand for fake items is spiked after the crackdown.