11 countries to participate in the second edition of Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in Doha

  • 1 year ago
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The second edition of Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is set to be host in Qatar, the focus being on spreading unified message across more than 11 Arab countries.

Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani, chairman of the Qatar Cancer Society, announced that the campaign will be held in October to coincide with the global awareness month for breast cancer.


He noted that the primary aim of the campaign is to spread the message and increase awareness about breast cancer and the importance of its early detection.

The campaign would be held in partnership with Jordan Breast Cancer Programme and supported by Ooredoo and Katara Hospitality, as reported by The Peninsula.

During the programme, a preparatory workshop will also be held in Doha, which would discuss the latest preparations for a unified regional campaign.

Dr Al Thani highlighted that the preparatory workshop would be attended by around 11 countries. 

He added that the representatives of Ministry of Health of different countries, NGOs as well as other organisations will discuss campaign’s message in order to increase its influence and facilitate access to as many citizens as possible.

Furthermore, he stated that the awareness programmes have been very successful. People were reluctant previously, but now a good number of people have come forward to know more about the disease. 

An app to answer all questions related to breast cancer would also be launched soon, revealed Dr Al Thani.

Apart from Qatar, the other participating countries include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain , Oman, Iraq , the UAE, Jordan, Palestine Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco.